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War Hero
Or indeed the point. Which marines would you exclude....?

The good point was agreeing with your correction of my error, as I read it back when you quoted me, I saw I was being a Hornblower myself. My error for not putting my point across better in both posts.

So I shall continue to write/type Marines, Royal Marines, Royal Navy etc with a capital because thats just me. the vast majority thing stemmed from a wrong thought I had at the time of an absolute waster who had slipped though the net IMHO, however by making me read it back you forced me to reconsider and correctly include him as well.

Thanks for correcting me Dad
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"Who would win in a battle between ninjas and pirates? Please provide detailed illustrations"

A pretty standard Essay question asked regularly in all industries.


Lantern Swinger

Magda, browsing RR.


War Hero
Lse89 - I'd advise you to look into correct apostrophe use rather than previous essay titles. Your posts are littered with incorrect uses and that will count against you.

Originally Posted by angrydoc
Commercial and experience are not hard words to spell correctly. You may consider this nit-picking but your poor spelling has sunk your credibility in my eyes.

I'm assuming your over 16. It's really quite depressing.
...I hope that was on purpose

Glass houses Ma'am/Sir or whatever you are. I find that picking up people for spelling on relaxed forums is a bit of a ******* trick. Maybe this may make you check yourslelf next time!

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