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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lse89, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I have my AIB coming up in the next couple of weeks and just trying to get a few practice essays done beforehand, I've looked on a previous AIB essay titles thread but It hasn't been usefully updated for quite a while. Any chance anyone that has recently completed AIB or POC could give me a heads up on some of the titles they faced?

    Ones I have so far...
    What measures must be in place before ISAF can leave Afghanistan?
    Does a degree Guarantee a good career?

    Any more would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You don't need to know the titles beforehand. You need to be able to structure an essay showing good use of grammar and punctuation, informed opinion etc. it's used as a test of your writing skills because part of an officers role is writing reports.

    There is also something you may not know about called holistics, this is a code of conduct if you like on how an officer should behave, it includes honesty and integrity, which as you are asking for the questions beforehand or cheating You obviously don't have.

    Here's a essay title for you . . .Why do you feel you deserve to be given an unfair advantage to others?

    Good luck though.
  3. Here here Mou Sea, having just passed AIB and Starting BRNC in May I would not consider providing someone the essay titles before hand, there is a line between preparing and cheating and you seem to have those blurred. They give you everything you need to know to turn up and demonstrate the potential to train as an officer, if you need more than that to pass then I would say you’re not supposed to.
  4. That's fair enough... A little harsh but fair. I wasn't thinking of it as a way of cheating I just wanted a little practice, as I haven't had to write essay's in a while. I had it in mind that the titles would change from board to board but judging by your reply I'm guessing that essay titles do not change often.

    I do not feel that I deserve an unfair advantage at all... I've spent hours revising as advised by my ACLO as I'm guessing the others on my board will have. Do you suggest that having access to the planning ex's widely available on the internet is cheating as well or just common sense? Just a little food for thought...
  5. Set yourself a few essay questions. I've done the AIB twice now (passed both times) and each time there was more than one essay question that I felt comfortable with. Even if you don't like the sound of any of the essay titles you're given on the day then just go with any one. It's not your actual 'answer' that they are analysing but rather your spelling, punctuation, grammar and the structure of your essay.

    All knowing a few past essay titles would do is set you up for a massive fall when nothing close comes up.
  6. There's surely a difference between samples of an exercise that won't have been used, just made for sample purposes, or are old and new ones are used, and essay titles that have been used and may well be used for you, because you're asking people who passed recently what questions they got?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012
  7. Sweet Jesus, Man up.

    Finding information on the Internet is not going to get you into BRNC. I completely agree with Mötley .
    You were trying to cheat, you've been called on it, (gently I thought) now your whining.

    Just out of interest what are you going for? X?
  8. Cheers Jim much appreciated!
  9. There I was upside down at twenty thousand feet, with nothing on the clock but the makers name......and that was in Japanese.
    Or.....The cold grey light signalled the start of another cold, wet and miserable dawn at Dartmouth. The only figures to be seen were the midshipmen under punishment running relentlessly around the parade ground......
    feel free to use either as an opening gambit before catching the train home :D
    wouldn't normally reply on any AIB topics being lower deck
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  10. So before actually using your initiative to find what you actually wanted (which seemed incredibly easy based on the time frame) you asked for help on here in a way that more than implied you wanted to cheat? You will get on fine at AIB, throughout the PLTs you have an AB holding your hand at all times in case you get a wet shoe.
  11. To be fair the lad/lass is only upholding the finest traditions of the RN.

    Hands up who hasn't taken a crib sheet into an exam or 'accidentally' caught a glimpse of the test paper an hour before the actual test?

    **** me, in 90% of exams I did in the mob, it was standard procedure for the instructors to leave the test paper on their desk an hour before the exam and **** off to the NAAFI so we had a chance to skeg the questions and smash in some final revision.

    People still managed to fail.

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  12. I always wanted to get the YOs to write an essay entitled 'A clean ship is a happy ship - discuss.'

    I doubt it will come up in your AIB but if you are stuck for practice. I even volunteer to critique it (sensibly and constructively, in provtae) if you would like.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Everything you need to know is in "Swallows and Amazons". Every potential young Officer should read it, as they should the famous five books. This will give you a good understanding of the responsibilities and standing you will have within your early career.
  14. Don't worry, someone will have scratched the answers into the desk from the last AIB. They've been going on long enough so all the answers will be there.
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  15. They tell you the ground layout before you go and being prepared is not admirable but necessary. Asking for recent attendees to give the currently used essay titles for him to practice is most certainly cheating. Think of it this way, when sat facing the board would you have like to have been asked to explain why and how you obtained the current questions prior to AIB and how you think that relates to one of the core principles of being a Naval officer, integrity?
  16. Surely, this is almost the same as an officer explaining how & why he/she used an SNCO's powerpoint presentation and then had the neck to put their name on it - it happens!
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  17. Or forgot to change the name on it, but then that isn't cheating it's just funny.
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  18. You are now coming across as a bit of a hornblower.
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  19. Sorry I will get off my high horse!

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