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AIB Essay Titles

Backpedalling: how to never admit you're wrong

Brown-nosing: outdoing your peers

Why is your experience worth more than your SRs

Stewards: how to be nice to them and prevent them stirring your tea with their dick

Bored now
Looks like no one is able to give you a serious answer SUYAIB. Can't remember the titles for the ones I was given - too long ago.

Role of Navy on Modern Warfare
Human Dimension of War - does it still have a place?
The standard of programming on TV
The value of University Degrees

etc etc

How about 'Network Enhanced Capability through an effects based approach-the versatile maritime force'. Discuss.

[/serious mode off]
The one I plumped for was something along the lines of "Are the Royal Family necessary and relevent in today's Britain?" Apparantly they liked my original answer - be warned, you don't get much space to write the essay, so try and write small, and leave out the ramblings.
Hi, its my 1st post and I passed my AIB last month.

My topics were the one about the royal family, are parents responsible for their childrens bad behaviour, isit neccessary to have a nuclear deterrent and another one I can't remember. But yeah, don't worry about it too much, the essay is not something you can prepare for.

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