AIB decision reversals

A friend of mine has been phoned up and told her previous fail/return has been changed to a pass. This is an odd precedent, why has it come about after a year or so? Is this widespread?


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What branch was she going for? A mate of mine is in the recruiting game a the mo' and says that the grades required for selection for some of the branches are now below the base level AIB Pass. Esp Observer...
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A polite re-positioning of thread would have been the arrse way ofdoing things, I wassimply making acivil enquiry.
I apologise - bad day and all that. I would have thought that a moving of the thread was actually ruder - sorry if you were offended.


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You're beyond the realms of ARRSE now, my lad.

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Rather detracted from my pseudo-dramatic comment there, didn't I.
its ok, it would have been hard for you to read the autocue with eyepatch on and parrot flapping about....

However, to return to the issue,what gives? AIB has always been a mystery to me (you can pass but not get in etc) but not passing and then getting in after a year or so seems odd, why not just a call back to AIB (my pal had originally got a fail/encourage)?


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You're talking about one case here ... ? Do you know of others? Perhaps your friend was so close that it simply made sense to re-think it? Maybe they got it wrong first time round?

It would be interesting to know exactly what reason they gave for the reversal of decision. Are you able to elaborate on your original post?



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What did she fail on in the first place? If it was a medical decision or some other borderline issue then I could understand it. Surprised about the change of result though.