AIB Debrief

I know I only scraped through but the closest I got to a positive comment was 'very satisfactory'.

Above average, sound knowledge, very satisfactory, workable, reasonable, all phrases that seem like a lot of effort to avoid saying 'good'?

On the flipside they wern't shy of using 'poor'! Maybe I just wasn't a very good candidate. :lol:

An aside: I'm hoping my ACLO can get a copy of my essay as it shocked me that the feedback was poor - I felt extremely content with it and had plenty of time to check through for corrections. Anyone had any luck with that kind of thing? I don't want any extra points just want to see what I did wrong!
Sadly almost to my 25th year! Out of interest how old were you expecting me to be? :)

The post is a bit of a frustration post as I can't find anyone to talk to about it at the moment.
I wouldn't take it too harshly if I were you mate. Very satisfactory is what you want to hear. The fact you passed as well shows that you've been deemed potentially useful- if you mind the wee blue pamphlet you received pre-AIB detailing what the board were looking for. :thumbleft:
Congratulations on passing.

Out of interest, what did you write your essay about? What was your approach? I have heard that this is an area where many people get marked badly.

I guess the standard way forward would be to have some sort of introduction, arguments for and against followed by a conclusion and recommendations. Is this what you did?
johansen said:
Congratulations on passing.

Out of interest, what did you write your essay about? What was your approach? EDIT and QUOTE :wink: My Essay was "From Snotty to 1SL and my Excellent training instructors at BRNC" and My Approach? was " shed loads of Creeping" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
My essay was on, "Are ID cards a sound investment for the UK?", wrote a short introduction, a sentance on the methodology to answer the question (weigh the positives versus the negatives and cost).

Discussed the positives that ID cards are supposed to bring: control of immigration, reduction in crime, reduction in fraud, easing identification issues, preventing terrorism. Counterargued all the positives with things like invasion of privacy, effectiveness, cost to the state and individual. Briefly brought up parallel argument of the biometric database that would be needed to back ID cards.

Gave a conclusion, shorter than I wished, I had run out of room. Maybe I had too much subject knowledge considering I have previously done research into the nature of identity, computer security and data protection. Had plenty of time to read through to correct errors. Recommended we didn't have ID cards.
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