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Hi, I was unfortunate not to pass my AIB and after recieving my letter, it says I would be contacted in due course for my debrief by my ACLO to talk about alternatives and stuff.

Its now been a week since I came back from Sultan and I've heard nothing. I was wondering if this is standard and he will be in touch or should I give the careers office a ring and see whats going on?



Sorry to hear you didn't pass.
I'd give it another week and ring after that. When I failed my first AIB I didn't hear anything for ages so in the end I rang my ACLO for the debrief.
Try again next year, I did and am joining in April so it is definately worth it!
I wouldn't bother waiting for another week, I'd ring now.

I'm in the same boat as you mate, just recently failed the AIB :cry: but I was invited back next year, so I didn't do too badly! :lol:

One of the first things I did was telephone my ACLO to get a debrief, and this was done over the telephone to highlight what I did well, and where I need to develop.


Lantern Swinger
The president left the ball in my court really, said he would leave it up to me when I was ready to return.

I want to actually speak to the ACLO face to face to talk about alternatives and stuff. Will give him a ring tomorrow.
Give it another week or so. I didn;t pass first time but took what they said at the debrief onboard and passed the next year. Prob the best thing that happened as it gave me another year to mature.

Good luck when you do re-take it.
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