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As the 'subject' suggests, I was not successful at my board 6 months ago. I have pestered my careers office (I wont name names, but it's up north) for eternity and have finally nailed down a 'de brief' date. Is it the norm for it to be 6 months later? I've taken down and worked on the suggestions I received in my short de-brief at the board yet was told a more detailed report would be with my ACLO. Unfortunately, and I'm assuming due to staffing issues (?), I've had about 4 different ACLO's during my application process and I've only ever seen each of them once.

I'm assuming this de-brief will just be going through my report and how I can improve on the areas I was/am lacking? Whilst I will naturally be going in business wear, is it advantageous to swot up again on weapons systems and the like?
I don't know the answers to the questions you asked, but out of interest did the AIB tell you that you that you were good enough to try again at a later date?
Having not been to a debrief of this sort, I cannot give you an accurate idea of what to expect. However I would say it would not look bad for you to be able to do all of the things that you were expected to know before you went to AIB. So basically yes be at least as prepared as you were for your last AIB, at least then your ACLO will see you have been keeping current with RN "stuff" and you came out of your setback, stronger and more resolved to join the Royal Navy. I'm assuming at your AIB results debrief they briefed you as to where you failed, in which case I would make some effort to show how you have improved this area.

Best of luck.
I was/am going in for Warfare. Had the debrief today, been informed that my ACLO is going to be around for at least 18 months so there will be some consistancy there. He simply went through my report and was quite brutal with the truth, which is what I wanted. I failed by two points, which is irrelevant in my opinion as a low scoring pass wouldn't have seen me be selected anyhow. He gave me some quality advice on where to improve and he's booked me in for a 'progress meeting' in 3 months time, then an AIB brief and obviously the main board. The report was positive and said that I had obvious potential and needed to tighten up certain areas, which I am doing. I can't wait to go back and have another, more successful, attempt.
Your ability to cope with a brutally frank debrief and take the positive and negative points from it says a lot about your character. Good luck and keep going!

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