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I passed my FATS test at the start of December and have my AIB date booked for the 12 February. I am assuming this is on of the the aircrew AIBs of the year. Does anyone know if intakes are in line with AIB dates or is there no fixed dates? (Obviously I don't want to get ahead of myself however I am curious to know how quickly I could theoretically start my training).

Also I was told that my scores for P/O/ATC were all competitive passes but my scores from O and ATC were exceptional, however the chap was unwilling to let me see the score sheet :p does anyone know who I have to ask (if there is anyone) to find out what scores I got as I have seen a couple of people post there scores on this site a few times?

Your ACLO will be able to see the scores, however you won't benefit being told anymore than you already have! The only thing that now matters is a good pass at AIB!

Next intake after Feb is May, then, Sep & Nov. If you are successful with the board and get a really good score you could get in for May. Numbers for P, O and ATC are very limited, so a pass alone will not get you there - a really good pass will. You will usually be boarded with other aircrew candidates, but not necessarily! The board President should give you an indication on completion on how you did (ie, pass, above average, good etc). Your ACLO will then be able to comprehensively debrief you.


No to be honest the only reason I want to know is for my own vanity really.

How does the scoring at AIB actually work, is there an overall score which is collated from AIB and FATs, or is it the case that the main score comes from AIB and the FATs score would only come in to play if you had 2 people that achieved an equal score at AIB?
As far as I know it is all about the AIB now and nothing else matters when. Whilst this may not be true for your chosen branch it was for mine. AIB is scored across a number of factors and there is a pass mark to achieve. Obviously a pass alone will not likely get you in on a competetive branch and you will need a good pass.

The Captain of your board will tell you if you pass and indicate your chances for selection. Mine was spot on for me.
FATS score is not included as part of the final AIB score, but stands alone. I don't believe there is any offset for a good FATS score and an average AIB pass when selecting entrants.

AIB is scored on the following competencies: Effective Intelligence, leadership, communication skills, motivation and courage & values. Every evolution undertaken there measures at least one of those competencies, with the first two carrying slightly more weighting than the others. Your ACLO should have briefed this before attending!!

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