AIB date - 13 Oct

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by C20, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. C20


    Just got my AIB date through the post *finally*. Hoping to be logs officer - anyone else at Sultan 13 October? Very happy to have 2 months notice! Let the serious swotting commence!!
  2. Very best of luck young lady.. I will inform Norway Chris & Rumrat of your progress. Keep off the C2 H5 OH when studying! :wink:
  3. C20


    To be honest I prefer CH3OH - it's that little bit stronger :D
  4. Gordon Bennet.. I fill my lighter with that, or run the car...NC is the man for you :D Anyway best of luck, enjoy your soon to be career.
  5. Congrats Chemist, im going to be there about 2 weeks previous to you, fingers crossed all round!!
  6. C20


    Fingers well and truly crossed for you 4_men. Any hints and tips after your board will be gratefully received :D
    Not sure about you but I am finding myself staring off into space at random intervals mentally quoting ship stats. Which has led to some interesting issues with bunsen burners... :D
  7. I too do the same, but worryingly its often when im behind the wheel, not sure which is worse!

    Hope your prep is going swimmingly, someones' should be......

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