AIB date 10-12th May

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by officerlog, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    Have just been given my AIB date (as above).

    Just wanted to see firstly if anyone else is down for the same date and also had a question regarding my application.

    I was told by my ACLO, as was also made clear on here, that entry for Logistics Officers on ships is extremely competitive (just 5% get through I believe she said). However, for boats entry was less competitive albeit still hard. I put on my application I was only interested in surface fleet so my question is will I only be tested for ships or if I do well enough for boats, and miss out on ships, will I be offered submariner?

  2. There is one standard for Logs officer and it does not depend on whether you are going surface or sub surface. If you pass the AIB and go to BRNC then once you have finished Fleet time and the Initial Logistic Officers Course you will liable for service in both ships and submarines. The latter is dependent upon passing the medical etc. The choice is not entirely yours!
  3. You say this but while there is one PASS mark for Logistics, surely an SM candidate will not require such a competitive pass to convert a pass at AIB to a place at BRNC...?
  4. Surely that wouldn't be fair on all the other candidates? Not to mention all the female candidates, who of course can't go on the submarines? Surely it's better to have one (high) standard for all, and that that standard be dictated not by the level of competition but by the level of competence/potential/ability required to actually do the role successfully?

    Sorry, I know I'm a seriously new newbie, but as someone contemplating Logsitics officer as a career I'd rather not be disadvantaged because I'm female and therefore would potentially be up against tighter competition because I can't go sub surface. Moreover, I'd rather not end up working with someone in the future who isn't as good but got in because they went for a less competitive option. NOT that I'm saying that's what you're doing!

    I'm not trying to start an arguement (before anyone jumps down my throat). Just thought the motto for anyone trying to get in, especially as an officer, should be to do their level best irrespective.
  5. You're not making any sense. They have all passed the AIB, the minimum pass mark is the same so there is not an issue of anybody being substandard.

    Lets say purely as an example there are 30 Logistics (General Service) places at BRNC. But there are 100 passes at AIB - obviously only the top 30 will be offered a place.

    Now say there are 15 Logistics (Submariner) places at BRNC, but only 10 passes at AIB due to the shortage in people applying for this role. Well obviously if you are one of those 10 you will get a place, no matter whether you scraped a pass or whether you passed with flying colours.

    Hence why it is easier to convert a pass at the AIB into a place at BRNC in a less popular role.

    It isn't discriminatory, they have a requirement for a certain number of people to fill a certain number of jobs. If they have a surplus of applicants for one job then obviously the competition will be higher. What would you propose, they take all the highest passes no matter what role they applied for and then worry about manning shortages later on? :?
  6. Sorry Shufflebug, i'm with Lonestar on this one. Don't forget that submarine entry is still highly competitive, and that there is a pass mark for the AIB (180?) and who knows, one day soon maybe women will be able to serve on boats!

    I think the submariner/surface choice is a slight grey area with the conflicting answers I have gathered from various sources.

    Anyone in the know feel free share that info!
  7. Hey,

    Shufflebag: Unfortunately being female DOES mean we're at a disadvantage... Recruitment for female Logs has pretty much ceased - there's one place remaining for the January intake and a significant number of applicants have already been given interview dates for that one place and I'm presuming the highest scorers will be given any start dates there are for May also. I've been strongly recommended to pursue a different branch.

    Pass marks generally for Logs need to be higher anyway, I was told that if for arguments sake the pass rate was 150 you'd need to get 190, but I think you're right in saying it's a pass mark of 180/300.

    I'm presuming that this all means that the continued recruitment of males is with the intention that they will go sub-surface but as I don't have the option of putting that as a preference I'm not sure how it specifically works.
  8. Unless things have changed completely, there is no such thing as Logistics(Submariner) places. It is just Logistics. I stand by to be corrected. You are selected/lurked for SM after you have passed your basic RN and loggie training. Hopefully Ninja or Supermario will be able to clarify this.
  9. They are two different jobs, you can apply separately for each:

    Logistics Officer - Submariner

    Logistics Officer - (General Service)

    Sure you can be pinged for it having already joined but if you want to apply SM beforehand you are free to do so.
  10. And that is why crusty old people like me get confused. You'll be telling me we shouldn't have white stripes between our gold rings anymore. Bloody whippersnappers, In my day, harumph, humbug (falls asleep and inadvertently wets himself)
  11. Just spoke to a nice lady at AIB who told me that it would be absolutely fine to say at AIB that you want to be considered for boats too, although it might be an idea to phone her first and have it put down as your 2nd choice on your application.

    So I think they are 2 different jobs, although from what I gather, they understand that competition for surface places is tight so will let you make the decision whether or not you want to go submariner should you score high enough. (but not high enough for ships).

    That probably makes no sense but for once i've actually got some work to do...
  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is no distinction during training for Logitics Officers. You can express your preference, but that doesn't mean there is a seperate quota or pass mark.
  13. Sorry but that is plainly untrue, they openly state during the application process that if you apply for Logistics Officer (SM) that you are likely to require a less competitive pass than a General Service candidate to get a place at BRNC because there are simply not enough volunteer submariners.

    The training may not be any different, but the selection and allocation of places is!
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    the clue is in the word 'likely' - that means its not certain.... Submariners are always a target requirement and they started to recruit Warfare officers straight into the Trade. unfortunately when they got chopped or found out what they were letting themselves in for it had the effect of creating a double gap and so was being reviewed.

    Recruiters will tell you anything - they told me I was certain to marry Lady Di...........
  15. As they do with Logistics... Job Description... hence why they are selecting (post AIB) from a smaller pool of applicants! It isn't a conspiracy theory :roll:

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