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I am looking for the AIB/Dartmouth records of an officer who joined in 1919.Does anybody have any idea of whether they would still exist and if so where would they be?


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You could try the records section at BRNC. When I was on the staff in 2000 I got my records from '92 and noticed they had volumes going back quite some time. Can't recall quite how far though!


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1919 can't do (!) but in the fifties a form E.190 was raised for the newly-joined officer and followed him around behind his back until he got his ticket when it was eventually forwarded to him - when some of the comments may have come as a bit of a shock. The 'form' was actually like a small exercise book but formally printed with set-piece places for each entry which which would be filled in in manuscript by the appropriate reporting officer. I would not think there was any copy held back in the Admiralty.

Civil Service Commissioners' exam results and then the AIB results were printed off and the candidate was sent a copy. Presumably in that case something went into the Admiralty archive for each term's entry; for 1919 could be in PRO in the ADM section. Fun reading at a later date to see how one's chums' marks for 'Officer-Like Qualities' stacked up against their eventual careers.
Wave dodger would you have a contact at the record section?I am looking for the records of Commander JW Linton VC.I have a copy of his service record,but not his early records.

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