AIB cancelations - How long do they expect people to wait?

Having begun the process of re-joining the RNR at the back-end of 2006 I got an AIB date for DE Entry in July 2007.

However, I received a letter today telling me that it has been postponed until October 2007.

Now call me impatient if you want but surely making recruits wait for a whole year is not helping recruitment.

I applied for Rating entry and was persuaded to change to DE, if I had known it would take this long to sort out I would not have done so.

A local TA Squadron recon they can turn around applications much faster than this, so is this delay acceptable (and therefore I am being unreasonable), down to poor organisation somewhere (not the RNR Unit), just bad luck, or something else ?
I sympathise, but this kind of delay is not unheard of. I've also heard of people having to wait 6 months+ even to join as a rating.
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