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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by HighFlyer, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I just recieved the letter for my AIB Brief today and was wondering what will happen during it?

    I spoke on the phone to the careers office and she said it was the AIB DVD and the opportunity to qaks any question's I might have. Is that what happens?

  2. Hi HighFlyer,

    In a word "yes"

    When I had mine a few months ago this is exactly what happened, the AFCO put on the AIB DVD, then gave us a description of the different tasks you have to complete at AIB, then you get your chance to ask any questions you have. The whole thing took about 30-45 mins. Its all very casual, the idea being that you can then go to AIB with a clear picture of whats going to happen and whats expected of you.

    Im guessing that if you have your breif soon your AIB is not too far away, so good luck with that!
  3. So, you have an AIB Brief coming up. You wonder what it's all about, so you asked the AFCO. They told you - AND YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE THEM.
    Fine officer material.

  4. Hmm, do you really think it would have been in their interest not to tell you the truth?

  5. I wouldn't believe the AFCO if they told me the world was round!

    MoD Edit: Try reading this book then:The Problem of the Earth's Shape
  6. It isn't.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Genius. :lol:

    Good luck at AIB.
  8. Alright I get it, but like it says everywhere, I did a search for "AIB Brief" and there was a post that it was question and answer thing much like the sift interview, so I wasn't sure. So I thought I would ask, as it seems that there is alot of useful information here, yet these are the replies I get...
  9. Communication skills, useful in an orificer :)

    Think about how you asked the question.

    Instead of asking I spoke to someone, were they lying to me it might have been worth phrasing it along the lines of spoke to someone, they said this, is there anything else that I should be aware of.

    A Q&A can work both ways.
  10. LOL. Thank your lucky stars you aren't trying to go as an Army Officer and post something like your initial post on ARRSE.

    Your replies would have been a lot worse than on here!
  11. Got my AIB brief tomorrow, does anyone know what the best attire is?
  12. Suit, tie, polished shoes...
  13. hi, im applying for officer, did anyone here have to apply for AIB/FATs themselves or did ACLO forward the paperwork?
    because mines told me to do it myself but given me no contact info or anythin, im thinkin maybe i should contact him again.

    any ideas?

  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just ring your nearest AFCO, link below, they'll get you in touch with your Area Careers Liaison Officer.
  15. yeah ive already spoken to ACLO he just told me to do it myself, which i found very unprofessional as i have no contact numbers etc.
    was it your ACLO that arranged your AIB or did you have to do it yourself?
  16. Finally got all my research into one place. I have the Navy's main objectives, an overview of the Navy such as numbers and what it does. I've also got a bit on the FAA such as main bases, Naval Strike Wing, Joint Force Harrier, COmmando Helicopter Force. Then I've got information on the Fleet, like what ships are in, deployment duration, refueling, a bit on the RFA. Then I've got deployments from the last Navy news, but It needs updating. From there I go into ships, each class. In this I have its main role, the ships length, compliment, armament, aircraft and propulsion as well as pictures and how to identify it. I have A. Carriers, Types 23, 22, 42, LPD, Assualt Ship, Hydrographic, Antarctic Patrol, MCM, and the P2000. Then I have all the weapons, what kind it is with pictures then aircraft again with Role, Engine, Wingspan, Max Speed, and weaponry. A bit on SAR. Information on the Naval bases around the country, what they do etc. Ranks and badges etc, Staff i.e.: 1sl, CINCFLEET, 2sl, Chief of Fleet Support, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Deputy CINCFLEET and the CHief of staff. Then I have my training pipeline for Pilot and Observer, a more detailed look at my training, then the future i.e.: Type 45, CVF, Astute Class, F35, MASC. I've then got a bit on NATO, the UN, then the history of the Royal Navy. Finally with that I have my Q101, and what goes on in the AIB.

    Thats just for Navy Knowledge, then I have some online mathes, the practise sheet that the AIB sent me, i do some reading, sudoku and brain training, regular Timestables, im learning the rule of 6 and 10 and I do some sport, then I go to the gym and i go cross country running. I had my AIB brief the other day and the ACLO said I should touch up on current affairs, so im starting to watch the news regularly.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions to get ready for my AIB?

  17. Watching the news on the telly might not be enough - try a mix of papers/journals including:

    The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Financial Times, Economist (weekly, really good) and if you really have to, the Guardian. Concentrate on the longer, international affairs articles, and regionally, on China, India/Pakistan, ME, NATO and you'll get the depth needed.

    You don't see much on the telly about Iran, but it's a big defence/international affairs issue right now, for example.
  18. To be honest I don't watch TV News at all these days, mainly for the fact it's currently all about the bloody so-called credit crunch, and as much as our country's economy is important it just depresses and frustrates me.

    Therefore I tend to overall stick to the newpapers like the Times/Telegraph, The Week, Economist and BBC News website. Therefore I can read all the world current affairs that are important rather than being bogged down with the constant reminder that my house is losing value and how "shit" everything is here.

    Compare the "shitness" here to the shitness in somewhere like Gaza, and I think I'd know where I still want to live!
  19. Heads up, well ahead before you get a full reaming from the regular posters on here, use some Common Sense, and engage brain before you post. It is one of many skills you will require on the path to becoming a Naval Officer, so ask yourself what sort of clothing do you think is appropriate, bearing in mind Jeans are banned at BRNC? It is always better to turn up more formal than required!
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


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