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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sara21, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi, as many of you already know I have my AIB in 4 weeks. I am generally quite fit and active BUT I would like to improve my Bleep Test score somewhat. Any tips on the fastest and best way to improve my score in this short time?

  2. Generally running a bit quicker between the bleeps as the test goes on will improve your score :lol:
  3. Roller Skates!!

    ** Sara says "Hilarious" and walks off shaking head**
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I don't know if the bleep scores are universal, but about 9.8 should be a reasonable score to achieve. There are no special tricks to the bleep test and anyone of average fitness should be able to do it.
  6. Do more bleep tests!
  7. Come back Sara! I,m sure there is someone out there with a sensible answer.
  8. And just how do you get better at the bleep test moondog?
  9. Fartleck training between lamp posts. Run from post 1 to 2, sprint from 2 to 3, run from 3 to 4, sprint from 4 to 5 and so on.

    Its also advisable to practice quick turns whilst running - just run up and down between two lamp posts or similar. Its not just the run than ends up being the killer, the turns take it out of you too.

    Further to that, apparently the bleep test isnt a pass fail on time - its all about effort (according to the AIB DVD) if you dig in and get red faced and nearly throw up at the end you'll be OK - if you wimp out and can still walk and breath afterwards you haven't tried hard enough !

    Good luck
  10. I,m to old to know! Cant even pass the toothpaste test these days!!
  11. Hang in there, at least your fingers still work :lol:
  12. That sounds similar to the briefing I received by the board SR on the first evening. I can't say I saw evidence of us being watched that closely, although I did have to leave the gym for fear of blowing chunks once I'd had my 3 strikes. Concur with KLNA though, run until you die or the staff tell you to stop

    The 3 SUY candidates (youngest 34 yrs) outperformed about 5 of the 8 (one scored 9.2 and the other 2 got to 9.10 - which was nearly half a level less than the ones we did a couple of weeks prior to AIB) Of the civvies on the board if I remember correctly, one 18 yr old girl gave up at level 4.5 and a 20 year old lad stopped at level 6.2, another lad did get to about level 12.5ish though.
  13. Was the 4.5 one put down and if not why not?
  14. Another suggestion is to run faster...sounds daft but basically start a run slowly then build up so that the more tired you get the faster you get your legs to go, the best way of achieving this (providing it makes sense) is to do it on a running machine.

    The other top tip if your planning on prepping for an AIB is to run at about 3 - 4pm each day, you will find that on the day the mental and nervous energy you have expended will have a detrimental effect on your run but you can off set it slightly if you are used to running at the end of the working day.

    Good Luck !!
  15. Ok having done the bleep test at the aib, The only preparation for it is just standard running and other cardio work, I scored an 11.2 which according to the marine NCO at the AIB is high enough for the royals, so that gives you something to aim for!

    The Marine NCO at the board also shared with us while we were sitting waiting for our interview results, was to run your normal training run, at a slightly faster pace than when training normally. When finished have a stretch and a drink of water then and do 5 20m sprints back and forth, stop have a stretch and a drink, rinse, repeat five times or so. Do that a few times and you should manage to increase your performance by about a level.

    That said i have no idea what the cut off point is for the bleep test, one guy who got an 8 passed one who got a 13 failed. I'd suggest you have a look on the army website for the minimum standard for females and aim for that on the day

    Good luck, and don't forget to bring your own running shoes, the AIB hi tecs are not the most comfortable trainers i have ever worn!
  16. Cheers guys!

    I know that the pass for a lady of my age is around 7.2
    I think anything around 10 is classed as above average.
  17. Don't forget the bleep test is the tiniest part of the AIB, its the command tasks and the planning exercise that decide pass or fail.

    Also the official line is that the bleep test isn't a fitness test its a test of determination, although I'm not sure what that means, after all if you have to run to a certain level to pass its a still a fitness test in my book. I think its just so that they don;t have to fail perfectly good people because they miss a couple of beeps

    That said its one of the few areas you can do proper preparation for, just for as much carido work as you can before you turn up.
  18. ha ha ha.....champagne comedy

  19. Some good advice in several of those posts about sprints, grid sprints, etc. The key though, as Jockey alluded, is the turns. It's always the same with phys ... like assault courses etc the bleep test always require one to change direction, stride etc, usually with a short 'stop' so that you have to begin running again. Explode out of the turn and you will see your performance improve . You will then see others begin to cave in as you do, which can itself give you a psychological lift, but you have to really believe in it and go for it as you turn. Enjoy ! :)

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