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Hi there all. First post as a member. I am a Chief Tiff WE (or ET(WE)) as we are now known, SUY candidate and have recently received my date for AIB (May 08). Just wondering if anyone has any decent advice especially on the testing side. Are the examples given in the initial paperwork pretty realistic of the real thing. Current examples of topics for essays (very weak area of mine) and also details of group exercises. I have an example given by a FEDO about 18 months ago but is there anything similar on internet etc. Apart from this website are there any other decent sources of advice, info etc.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.
Welcome aboard! You may work out from my user name that I was an SUY AIB candidate!! I passed the board about this time last year.

So in answer to your questions:

The testing phase starts with the service knowledge test - in service candidates get a different paper to the civvies but it's about 20 questions, not too hard if you're an Intranet surfer, needed a bit of knowledge of GS, SM, FAA and RM areas, also some more obscure questions such as something to do with 'what is a nautical mile?' Usual multi choice scenario, 2 definite no and 2 that are a bit 50/50. I found I had time to answer all the questions then go back through and check about half of them. It's a nice mellow start, the calm before the storm of psychometrics that follow.

On to the psychometrics, the examples on the joining instructions are extremely realistic from a format perspective - to the point that I'm sure that one of the examples came up on my paper. As for difficulty - the most difficult of the examples will be the easiest on the paper, they get progressively harder, much harder!
Tip for the verbal and non verbal reasoning - read a dictionary!!! There were many words in there that I'd never heard of, for the constructing sentence questions I found it easier to start at the end of the sentence and work backwards.
Tip for the numerical tests - Don't guess when they specifically tell you not to - negative marking. Practice quick mental arithmetic, the estimation questions I found that when I rounded the figures and then worked out an estimate it was right in the middle of two possible answers. For the statistic question you get one with a graph and one with a table - do the second one first, it's easier (or it was on mine and others have found this too)
The speed and accuracy test, similar to the example but it's about 30 lines longer. They specifically tell you to work across the columns although it seems faster to work downwards, I imagine that if you ignore the instructions and then don't finish then you'll be marked well down.

Spatial awareness, these must be all visualised in you head, you can use your fingers though.

For all the psychometrics the biggest advice I can offer is look at the examples and note number of questions and time to complete the paper as it tells you. From this calculate how long you should take per question, if I remember rightly, it's between 7 and 12 seconds depending on the paper. When you do the test if you haven't got an answer or are near to getting an answer after 10 secs then move on, don't get bogged down on one question.

Essays - Choice of about 5 titles I think mine were 'will terrorism ever be eradicated' 'what is the solution to Britains transport problems' 'the standard of TV has dropped' can't remember the rest.
If you remember the standard pussers A4 lined exam paper from Collingwood (Margin and wide line spaces) this is all you get - one sheet, you can't get much in there.
I think they're after the ability to identify the problem, create an argument for something and against something then provide a recommendation at the end. Standard of English is probably more important than actual content.

Discussion exercises - have a look here: Link

As for sources of advice, have you seen the official DVD? I'd recommend it, gives a good overview. Beware the advice of those who completed AIB before the format changed slightly about 2 or 3 years ago, are you on a ship? speak to the YOs or IST Cadets if embarked.
FEDOs are useful, what about your RA? they normally get to observe on boards so would be up to date.
There's stacks of information on this site! I know that BACKAFTY on here is a WE SUY Candidate.

Hope this is useful, if you need clarification or have more questions ask away

Good luck
Many thanks, just what I was after - some new advice that I hadn't already heard so many thanks.

How much current affairs came up on your board. Apart from possibilites of essay topics are there any during the interview stage.

Is it worth trying to get a copy of the booklet that gets given to the direct entries at the AFCO or is it all just info that is on the intranet.

I left ship early last year and am currently based at Shabby Wood so plenty time in the evenings through the week to start preparing whislt away from home. (in between playing golf of course).

Cheers for now.


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jackmck said:
Is it worth trying to get a copy of the booklet that gets given to the direct entries at the AFCO or is it all just info that is on the intranet.
Jack, PM me your service address & I'll send what AFCO stuff is readily available. Some of it is useful, especially future projects.

Good luck! :thumright:
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