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Morning guys,

I'm doing my AIB next month. This thread is useful, does anyone have any tips/advice/general pointers for someone conducting an AIB whos already in the RN (I'm going the UY not SUY route as I'm still only a damned JR) Is the interview different? Or are you just thrown with a load of civis and told to get on with it?


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Happy to be corrected by anyone with more recent knowledge, but I sat on the AIB as an observer in 2015 when 2 of my LET's had their papers raised (to see how different it was from mine) and UY's were placed in groups with Direct Entry Candidates. When I did my own AIB in 2009 SUY's were separated, but I believe that's changed now too.

As regards the interview; a major difference between my own AIB and the one I witnessed was the interview. We were asked questions all based on the Q101 form that we'd filled in as a part of our application - as were DE candidates whose boards were at the same time. The only difference was we weren't really asked any Naval Knowledge type questions. Now however (or at least in 2015) they are only mandated to ask one question - 'What is your motivation for joining the RN as an Officer/becoming an Officer'. After that they went where they felt like; some questions being based on observations they'd made during the testing processes, some on answers to previous questions.

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