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Potentially a very stupid question...
Do they measure your blood pressure before the run at AIB, like they do for the PJFT?
(I have a phobia of BP being taken, stupid I know, but I have my reasons!)


No, you will literally have time to change in to running kit and muster. Then it's straight out to do the run, straight back into your waiting rooms to be told if you've passed.
I used revision books for the UKCAT, which is an extra selection exam for medical students applying to university. The verbal comprehension and abstract reasoning sections were extremely similar to the real thing and were excellent practice. The maths in UKCAT was at a harder difficulty as the UKCAT expects candidates to use a calculator (very large numbers, fractions that don't simplify, etc) and is therefore less useful for practice against time, but the question format is similar.
@Wagemage would you say the difficulty for the verbal & abstract reasoning at the AIB is the same as UKCAT practice papers? I understand difficulty increasing from RT level but I'm surprised by the huge leap in difficulty if the AIB tests are on par with UKCAT as the difficulty is incomparable.


I felt the verbal and abstract sections were about the same level as AIB, yes. The real benefit of the UKCAT practice papers was learning the exam technique- skim the verbal question looking for the answer, don't actually read the text; conserve your time on each abstract set- if the pattern doesn't jump out at you in 20 secs, move on and come back to it.


Can I ask a quick and probably obvious question. For the AIB (going in as pilot btw) is the naval knowledge (ships etc) still assessed? I understand I may have a few questions asked in interview but is there an actual test. As I have had conflicting information from the careers office. The officer in charge says its no longer included whilst the internet and family say it is. (family did sit the AIB over 40 years ago so I could believe their information is outdated.)


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In the interview you will be expected to give an overview of the current deployments the RN undertakes. You might have to expand on why we are in a certain area but that is it.


Could anyone give me some up-to-date advice about the reasoning tests at AIB?
Not too worried about the abstract reasoning and the verbal reasoning, but I really struggle with maths and suspect that the only reason I passed my RT was because I got full marks in the verbal reasoning which bumped my average up sufficiently.
At my briefing last month, the officer doing it was adamant that the tests are the same at the RT, however I'm a bit skeptical. It would be really good to hear from someone who has just done their AIB.
Cheers guys.
P.S. Anyone who has their AIB on 12th-13th October feel free to drop me a message.


Did mine a couple of years back so I know this isn't the up-to-date knowledge you asked for, but I do remember us all coming out of the test and saying we all found the maths section much harder than the others, certainly a step up from the RT - more figures to deal with, plus more challenging questions.

That said most of us passed, and there are plenty of officers who struggle to count to ten on their fingers who made it through AIB, so don't despair. But obviously smash in plenty of quick-fire arithmetic practice if it's an area you struggle with, because it comes up in that test and the planning exercise.


Thanks Snorkel. My pal who passed AIB a couple of years ago said he found it pretty tricky too, hence my surprise when the officer at the AFCO said it was the same as the RT. I guess it's just a case of doing plenty of practice.


Anyone know of the rough time length for the AIB Interview? Just wondering about the length of responses I should give to questions asked.
My Sift Interview was around 1hr15 however Ive seen out of date previous AIB booklets stating around 25-30 mins.

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