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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shotty13, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hey again on to my AIB now on the 12th of June

    Im starting to revise my navy knowledge, does anyone who has been before me remember any typical questions they ask you about your knowledge if you are applying for aircrew? I know they show you pictures and ask you to describe what they show but beyond that im blind.

    Also anyone else struggling to balance Navy revision and exam revision? My AIB is right in the middle of History and English A levels, i have small dillema... If i fail my AIB i have a uni place at Cardiff the requires ABB, i have to revise very hard for these mark but also have to revise hard for my AIB.

    Whats worse is how to explain to my grandparents if i fail, they wrote to me yesterday (from respective deathbeds bless them) about how proud they would be to see me in uniform, if i fail how do i explain im going to do politics at uni.... See i'm not even in yet and the Navy is already pushing me to new limits. Im going to love this job, i think!
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  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: AIB Interview questions for aircrew

    If you know the basic capabilities and limitations of the ships, aircraft adn weapons you will be fine - they used to give out a little booklet as I recall. They will ask you about aircraft and roles in broad terms, not how would you approach a Datum with 2 friagtes, a P3 and a brace of Merlins....
  3. Re: AIB Interview questions for aircrew

    I passed my AIB in October (for Aircrew--failed medical so joining as AEO in sept, but thats another story).
    One of the questions that stumped me was about the training, what happens after BRNC, eg, BOC for obs. etc
    Try to find out a little about the training pipeline etc.
    Any more questions pm me and i'll try to help the best I can.

    (Edited for spelling mistakes! That reminds me brush up on grammar and spelling for the essay.)
  4. Re: AIB Interview questions for aircrew

    You know for a while there silverfox i didnt see the NOT bit before datums and typed it into wikipedia. Almost gave up my career dreams on the third time of tring to understand it properly and apply it to the majority of an approaching fleet.

    I think a good place to start would be reading things properly!
  5. Re: AIB Interview questions for aircrew

    Silverfox - Iknow the brochure you are talking about, essential bedtime reading pre-AIB, if you want to add a little more then i highly recommend this book Royal Navy Handbook
    Although there may be a new edition out now
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  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    All AIB matters in here please

    In order to avoid repetition and duplication etc etc, and also to build up a easily digested guide, please put all AIB related questions and discussions in here.
  7. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Potential_Officer’s Guide to the AIB, with help from the posts of AE_Officer(Soon_to_be) and Blimy, alot of theirs is copied and compiled here.
    Before your AIB Preparation:
    1) Buy the MOD Guide to the Royal Navy, it is much more in depth than the free version your ACLO will give you, however, it is well worth comparing it to the RN website as it will need a more upto date view on ships numbers.

    2) Read a Broadsheet Newspaper regularly, at least buy one of the Sunday Broadsheets and have a look in their News Review section or similar. Also either buy or download the latest Navy News, great for finding out the latest news about the Navy. Also think about Current Affairs and see if you could write a short essay on it, remember having an Introduction, a Main Body, and a clear conclusion. The Trident debate comes up regularly, know about it and the issues around it.

    3) Ask your ACLO any questions you may have, they are there to help and it is in their interest that you pass as well.

    4) Get as much experience with the Navy as you can, anything from Navy Days and the Navy Air Shows to even going to Portsmouth Dockyard and learning about Naval History, every little helps! If you are in the Sea Cadets then make use of that opportunity, and candidates still under 18 in the Summer should pester their ACLO to get them loaded onto the CCF Summer Camp at BRNC, awesome week at the College and really will confirm if this is what you want to do or not. Ask your ACLO for anything else you can possibly get to see the Navy in Action as it were

    5) Read these forums, but don’t ask any stupid questions! This thread should answer all the key ones so search through it first!

    6) Practice doing the bleep test, and at the very least do some personal exercise, the Bleep Test offers relatively easy marks so don’t miss out on it, but do not panic! It is not a pass or fail test, what it is are EASY MARKS!

    7) Be really sad and make Sheets outlying the major facts and figures of each ship and major RN Aircraft, learn to be able to describe the key features of the surface vessels (or if you are going for Aircrew or Subs for those) from for’d to aft. Learn what each ship looks like. As well as see what the Navy is building, and where the Navy (that includes the Royal Marines whether they like it or not!) is currently operating. Remember the Navy does exist outside of the Gulf Region, with Fisheries Protection and Drugs Patrols.

    8 ) Know your career path! The Board need to see that you have looked at your future, from Militarisation Phase through to Fleet Board, and beyond.

    9) Don’t Panic, bring a sense of humour and humility, the ability to laugh at yourself is very important, but at the same time don’t be the board jester.

    10) Practice the Tests they give you in the AIB joining pack, more preparation you do now the more likely you are to pass the tests!

    11) Photocopy the Completed Biographical questionnaire, Q101, before you send it off, and remember what answers you put for each category, the answers you put on the form are explored in the interview, so be able to further explain and back them up.

    The Admiralty Interview Board

    The Big few days have finally arrived, you are on a train to Portsmouth Harbour, and the nerves finally kick in, keep calm! Go through your revision notes, and sit back and watch the Hampshire countryside speed past...
    On Arrival (if you can plan to arrive at Portsmouth for 1600, allowing you an hour to get from Portsmouth to HMS Sultan, and some leeway for trouble!), after getting a Taxi from Gosport ferry, (there are loads there don’t worry about having to phone one, but get and keep the receipt!), report to the Duty Rating in the AIB office, sign in and sign some disclosure forms, you are then shown to your cabin and around the AIB Building, after this go to the Candidates rest room and make yourself known to the other candidates, talk to each other play some pool, the more gelled you all are, and the more you support each other the more likely you are to pass. Also you will get to speak to the AIB Staff Ratings a fair bit, they are a gold-mine of information, use them!

    After a Brief by the Senior Rating and one of the Board Officer’s you will be led to scran, the food there is brilliant, (by Navy Standards!) again talk to the other candidates, BUT focus on getting to know the other candidates in your board, these are the people you will be working with the most. The evening is then yours, I would STRONGLY advise all candidates over 18 to go to the pub, have a few drinks, but remember to pin in and out, and take your AIB date forms with you for use as ID to get back in. The pub is a good opportunity to relax outside of the fence of HMS Sultan. Have a few beers by all means but STAY SOBER!

    The First Full Day
    Call the Hands is at 0615 (if your lucky it is the A-Team!) although most wake up before to shower shave and be ready for breakfast on time.
    You will sit:
    * a 20-minute verbal reasoning test designed to demonstrate your general reasoning and ability with words
    * a 13-minute non-verbal reasoning test, again measuring your reasoning power, but this time without the emphasis on verbal skills
    * a 25-minute numerical test covering numerical fluency, reasoning and statistics
    * a 15-minute speed and accuracy test, measuring your concentration and mental agility
    * a 15-minute spatial orientation test, involving directions, relative positions and movement
    * a short general service knowledge test to provide the Board with an indication of your research into the Royal Navy.
    Essay: you will then be given 45 minutes to write about a subject chosen from a list of four topics so we can assess your written communication skills.
    You will then get to sit a MUCH simplified practice Planning Exercise, however it does give you a good idea into the format and the time you have to do things. Then its lunchtime!

    In the Afternoon, you will first be taken over to the PLT (Potential Leadership Tasks) gym to practice the methods used in the PLTs, you will also get stacks of advice from the Ratings on how to improve your technique and how to use your voice, ignore this at your peril! All in all this is a good laugh.
    After this you bus over to HMS Sultan’s gym for the Multi-Stage Fitness Assessment, the Bleep Test, not a pass or fail test, but like I said earlier they are looking for “Motivation†and they are comparatively easy marks to pick up!
    After a run back to the AIB, and hopefully you will shower the Afternoon is yours, so if you really want you can go into Gosport for a meal or just go down the pub after dinner. Get back from the pub a little early to run through the PLT techniques with your board, and run through potential tasks with them, all good practice!

    The Real Testing Day
    Depending on the Number of Boards it will probably run something like this:

    After breakfast, Boards 1&2 to the Gym for PLTs, Board 3 Begin the Planning Ex. Either way you will do it all:
    PLTs - right the time to shine, all the problems are really simple, you will easily make a solution in your 15 mins silent planning time. Leaderless task, each member try to say part of the plan, let each member have a crack. Speak up to maximum volume without shouting. Don’t take control but don’t say anything, be really CAMP! I mean it support everyone with encouraging comments! Follow the rules! Use the Techniques you were shown you've had nearly 24 hours to learn them and they are for your own safety! Its one big game so play up to it. Leader task - same as above but really don’t get too involved get to a position where you can be in the middle of the team if possible. If the take you are leading goes tits up, step back look at it again, and ask your team for advice! Group hugs at the end! No really!

    Planning ex - by far the most pressurised task. Get soo much bloody information, make notes quickly as possible. The officer will call you in and present a problem. You will have about 7 mins to come up with a plan in front of the board. I was told that I started to chair the planning which was good, don’t try to take control though, and just try to get a group consensus on the plan/aims, ensure that if you have a stroke of genius you don’t just say that’s it we are going to do this, ask your fellow board members they might be able to improve it. One person presents the aims, one person presents the plan. Then the questioning begins, it is timed on each person, about 5-6 mins I think but seems like weeks. The SDT are really easy figures but then they add them to times events happened, again easy, but a lot to remember. Keep switched on because at any time you could be questioned, if the other candidate doesn’t know it, work out the answer for each and every question! If s/he presents a better plan take it! S/he might propose a worse one though!
    Finally you will leave and be called back in one by one to present your final plan, 2 mins with just the map. Deviate from the group plan if you wish, or not, we had both on our Board and all passed. They are looking to see that you can work well under pressure and do not just break down in tears!

    Finally the thing you have probably been dreading, the interview, which I felt was actually the most relaxed part of the past few days, well other than the Pub!
    It lasts about 30 minutes with each officer of the Board asking you questions on different areas, I was quite lucky in that the Board President knew my uncle who had just left the Navy, so something like that immediately calms you! It is really easy, as after all you are just talking about yourself, and who knows you better than you, as my Board Senior Rate told me just before I went in. In the interview show every bit of leadership and teamwork you can think of, and always mention the ones on the Questionnaire they sent you first then add some more if you can. It really goes very quickly and before you know it you are sitting down for lunch!

    After lunch, (nerves will really be building now, but don’t worry they do nice light omelettes!) you will be called in one by one for your results with just your Board President. If you are successful, you will be off for the weird experience of a medical, fun that is, if not homeward bound but you will have learnt something about yourself and had a good fun three days. Your AIB result will be confirmed in the post soon and then begins the wait for a place at BRNC.

    Thanks to AE_Officer(Soon_to_be) and Blimy, as well as the RN AIB Webpage:
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  8. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Ah yes the board president knew your uncle, the old boys network does it again eh!
  9. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Shhh! I want to keep my place at BRNC!

    But seriously I think your thinking about the Army there, the Navy always has been and always will be merit over who your daddy was.
  10. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Aye^^ I have to agree with PO!
  11. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Meanwhile, back in the real world......

    Anyway, the more pertinent point for the thread would be, don't worry about those on the AIB with you. Some of them will quite happily name-drop like it's going out of fashion, but since you're not competing with them it's not an issue.

    What they will have is, in all probability, a much deeper knowledge of the service and an ability to talk about it much more naturally. Take what you can from them.
  12. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Anyone know the min level for the bleep test? I've got the CD and just can't push myself above 10, yes go ahead and laugh! Also anyone else AIB-ing on Tuesday 12th?
  13. Re: AIB Interview questions for aircrew

    No there isn't unfortunately, everything is several years out of date, including the details on the Sea Harrier Fa2 which has since gone out of commission
  14. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    That is fine, they are looking for Males to get over 9, anything else is just bonus points.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Hope someone's Uncle's mate who sits on the AIB doesn't read that!

    Seriously though, nip into your AFCO, they should be able to give you an excellent little book, free, called "Ships, Submarines, Aircraft & Missiles of the Royal Navy". It basically does what it says on the cover & lists all the bits'n'bobs that make up 3 Commando Brigade.

    It's a surprisingly comprehensive publication- "perfick" for AIB candidates, just check on the RN website that your copy is up to date.
  16. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Ahh Mr Comedy Ninja....

    The RN Booklet is a little out of date, it still talks about the Sea Harrier FA2!
    And Gazelles, do they still have those or have they all been chucked out?
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Which, the Sea Harriers & Gazelles or the books?

    You'll make a good Officer, I'm sure...
  18. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    The Gazelles, and a small chuckle on my part for the last bit! Sarcasm got to love it.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: All AIB matters in here please

    Sarcasm? Moi?

    FFS, you'll be saying I'm pretentious, next.
  20. Re: All AIB matters in here please

    OK - I'm 34, and got a 7.10 in bleep - I should get 8.1 for RNFT. It's all about motivation - you have 3 chances to fail the succesive bleeps, so try and bust a gut to get back up with the bleep.

    Other than that I've written a similar thread to Potential_Officer, but to save cyber trees, I think he's hit all the salient points. However, chill out and ENJOY yourself - Where else does throwing planks and ropes across a chasm whilst bonding with complete strangers take any priority?

    PM me if you want my take on the entire affair, although it will be repetition of a lot of P_O's original post.

    See you all in BRNC in Sept 2007(?)


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