AIB Advice please.


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This is my first post on here, I would firstly like to say hello to everyone. "HI".

I have applied for a commission in the Navy as a Warfare Officer and am awaiting my AIB date. I have sent back the multitude of forms, and am now waiting for a reply. It has been over a month since I sent them to the Manchester office and I haven't heard a peep.

Does anyone know how long this process takes?

Thank you in advance.


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hi sara and does take a while.....
it does vary on the AFCO though. some of the guys on here are/have taken the same route recently so better placed to answer.


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I didn't want to look too pushy by calling the office. Will they see it this way? I had thought that Xmas and NY might have slowed down the process.


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You are right, i just gave a them a quick bell and i got told to call back on monday as they were all packing up for the afternoon. ;-p

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