AIB 25th March

I know I've already mentioned this in a thread last month, but I've got my AIB for deck officer cadet on Wednesday and thursday. Anyone else on here attending on the same dates?
Also, do people still go to le pub even though it's now only 2 days? Ie should I pack casual kit?

Good luck! I am sure you and everyone else will do fine!

PS if anyone has their AIB on the 27th-28th April then feel free to get in touch.
I did the two day AIB back in December, went to the pub on the first night but I think they specify that if you leave you've got to be in smart dress anyway.
Passed AIB, as did about 6 of the 9 of us I believe. There were another 2 RFAs there (all going for different areas!) and a good mix of other navy branches, so competition seemed non-existant, which is always nice.
Its really a lot less stressful than I expected; if anyone has any questions just PM me!
It might not be that long actually, there's the possibility if going to BRNC in May! I went for Deck Officer but one of the engineering candidates is almost definitely getting fast-tracked. I asked for as soon as possible and apparently they just need permission to fast-track me too.
Thanks! I'm getting sent everything on Monday so I'll get cracking as soon as I recieve it. I assume the onus will be on me to sort of my ENG 1 and any vaccinations etc that I require?
OK, I've hit a bit of a problem with the application. I was advised this morning that due to RFA recruiting targets being met I won't be able to attend BRNC until May 2016. This is obviously a major embuggerance. I asked recruiting if there is any chance of me getting in earlier if another candidate drops out but they are yet to reply. Is such a long wait normal? I'll still be going ahead with it (its always been my dream to be a naval officer) but it's obviously a bit off-putting.
Even though they're a uniformed service with their own section of the Royal Navy website, prospective officers attend AIB and BRNC and they operate next to the navy and cover certain navy taskings? I understand your point and I'm not trying to cause an argument but throughout the selection process the RFA has constantly been referred to as part of the naval service. At times it seems like the RFA are embarrassed to be associated with the RN, and vice versa.


Lantern Swinger
It can offend whomever: the RFA is part of the Naval Service.

That being said, an RFA officer is NOT a Naval Officer. No swords or salutes required there - don't get me started on the whole saluting RFA officers on shore establishments.
I have mine next Monday & Tuesday (27th/28th) so if anyone else will be on mine then feel free get in touch!

Also good luck AspiringPilot, let us know how it goes!
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