AIB 25th-26th May

Hello ladies and gents,

Just a little forum to find out who is going on this AIB along with myself and a couple of guys I know. Also want to gauge the feeling and make sure I'm not the only one with nerves! ;)

I am applying for the RM as an Officer. Let me know on here if you're coming or you can send me a message as well if you want.




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One piece of advice: have a Plan B. If the RM thing does not work out then they may offer you an alternative career in the Navy. Not the end of the world to take it.

Every week the Lounge bar of the Cocked Hat has young men sat in it whose whole world has been centred on RM Officer.

Sounds harsh but I'm actually being kind.
Trainer: I hear you there mate. I've never ruled out the Navy but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. At the moment I am aiming fully for the Corps.

Appreciate the words of advice though!

P.S. Would you mind just clearing up the reference to the Cocked Hat for me?