AIB - 22nd March

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Comm., Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Anyone else going to grace me with there presence?
  2. when did you get your date through?
  3. Don't be retarded, or you will fail.
  4. Touche sir, an elementary mistake; born out of an over reliance on spellcheck I imagine!

    Will anyone else be gracing me with THEIR presence?

    I got my date today, it's pretty terrifying to be honest!
  5. Im there 3-5th May, spoke to the lovely ladies there today and thats the next available date apparently...bad times but I guess by May I will have no excuses on a poor mark for the knowledge test!!!
  6. Nothing wrong with May AIB, get into a nice routine with your prep and stay keen, nothing more you can do really!

    Good luck everyone, I strongly that you can not, and will not go wrong with a career in the RN.


    P.S. They are suprisingly lovely ladies aren't they? Extremely helpful.
  7. Very lovely ladies indeed!!!! And yes very true, will have to kickstart a revision routine which isnt so bad! At least I will be prepared!
  8. Comm: I think you mean THEIR presence ?
  9. Comm: I could grace you with my presence, but there again you might not like freaks....
  10. Comm: Well done and good luck - not look. lol..
  11. Blame those on spell check as well?
  12. Yes my typing is a little crap, but surely I get something for not text typing?

    LOL OMG!

    Thanks for the good wishes.


    Edited because I am an obnoxious p***k!
  13. I do I do, I love the sarcasm of (in service/ ex service?) guys ang gals.

    It's a humour that I imagine helps with the ups and downs and realities of a tough life at sea and in conflict, so please keep the comments coming! If I can't take your small criticisms then I shan't be much good at the first phase of BRNC will I?

    My comments were meant tongue in cheek too, no real offence meant. :?

  14. Well in that case, allow me to offer my utmost contrafibulations.
  15. Thanks Puditer, I'm sure you will be receiving the required docs through the post anytime soon, you may be suprised, I was!

    Contrafibulations to you good sir!

  16. ive got mines on the 21st march, i might see you? just maybe! If not good luckkkkkkkkk
  17. Best of luck sir,

    Aiming for April intake then I assume?
  18. Are you being ironic?
  19. My names is a Borat!


    Does feel a little odd on the tongue, mines.
  20. Thanks very much:) Hopefully April if i pass, the sooner the better, im a girl lol

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