AIB 19th January 2010


Lantern Swinger
Hey! Best piece of advice I can give is to really enjoy it! I thought mine was great fun even thogh I fell in the pool every time I swung from A-B when its -6 outside! haha! Good Luck!
Hi all,

Late post after the AIB. Had the best few days at HMS Sultan. Unfortunately didn't cut it for an officer, but had the best few days being tested with a bunch of RM's going for their commissions. Hasn't deterred me from joining up though as I'm going on the RNAC next week and then hopefully off to Raleigh as a WS soon after!

Cheers for all the advice from the forums!
If anything its made me more determined. I dont see this as set back, just determines what I am capable of at this moment in time.

There is plenty of time to get a commission.
You might want to sort your PERSEC out shippers, you have your real name as your username and your email address on your profile.

If you were a bird I'd have a sub surface OP set up in your front garden by now.
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