Ahoy Shipmates! Help required

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by steviemaden, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Hope I can rely on my fellow 'Deeps' to help me out! I am trying to get a place in the Eurostar Tricityathlon which is a 1.5km swim in Paris, a 40km bike ride in Brussels and a 10km run in London all on the same day courtesy of Eurostar! If I can get a place I will be raising money for Help the Heroes.... Thats where you come in! There are only 20 places so I need your vote to get me in! Voting closes on WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE, so don't delay, vote today! Please follow the link below and vote now! No money required, just a couple of minutes of your time

    Cheers Oppos! Steve Maden

  2. Voted. Best of luck buddy, damned impressive this looks
  3. Voted. Unfortunately I experienced problems with the website - I managed to vote but the good luck message I posted appears four times! 8O So sorry about that. :D

  4. Stevie - Why?????
    You are officially bonkers, SD has changed you!

    Voted mate, best of luck!

  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Voted, best of luck
  6. Cheers All!

    Thanks for the votes so far..... Tell all your shipmates! Paddy, It keeps me sane!

  7. Do you need to be in the top 60 in terms of votes received to get a place, Steve?
  8. done shippers :) you`re nuts, good luck.
  9. There are only twenty UK places available. To get selected I need to be in the top 50 when voting closes. After that its is pot luck as the judges then select from the 50. So to be in the 50 I need as many votes as possible! Hope you can help! Thanks
  10. Done. Good luck

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