Ahoy Shipmates! Help required

Hope I can rely on my fellow 'Deeps' to help me out! I am trying to get a place in the Eurostar Tricityathlon which is a 1.5km swim in Paris, a 40km bike ride in Brussels and a 10km run in London all on the same day courtesy of Eurostar! If I can get a place I will be raising money for Help the Heroes.... Thats where you come in! There are only 20 places so I need your vote to get me in! Voting closes on WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE, so don't delay, vote today! Please follow the link below and vote now! No money required, just a couple of minutes of your time

Cheers Oppos! Steve Maden



Lantern Swinger
Voted. Unfortunately I experienced problems with the website - I managed to vote but the good luck message I posted appears four times! 8O So sorry about that. :D

There are only twenty UK places available. To get selected I need to be in the top 50 when voting closes. After that its is pot luck as the judges then select from the 50. So to be in the 50 I need as many votes as possible! Hope you can help! Thanks

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