I've got a long wait for my Inital Starting date it could be up to 18 months! :( Hope they find a place for me sooner

In the mean time I'm going to the gym/work/sleep/work/gym etc.

Ooh and before you ask :p I want to be a SEA


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The good news: It may not be 18 months.

The bad news: It maybe longer.

Those having to wait 12 months or more are strongly encouraged to attend a Ratings Preparation Course, consider joining the Royal Navy Reserves & maybe considering re-taking the recruiting test at the 12 month point to open-up a wider spectrum of available jobs with possibly shorter waiting periods.

Best of luck - hang on in there.
thanks mate thats some good idea's and good advice I'll see what happens! :D

I'll ring the AFCO to find out about the Ratings Prep Course.
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