Agenda of hate in British mosques is linked to Saudis

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Well the top man was extremely vociferous yesterday.
    Wonder what he has to say about this.

    for the full story:

    Agenda of hate in British mosques is linked to Saudis

    Extremist literature calling for the execution of gays and the oppression of women is being distributed in British mosques.

    Researchers found radical or hate-filled books and pamphlets at a quarter of the 100 Islamic religious institutions they visited.

    They said much of the literature is linked to agencies of the Saudi Arabian government.

    The revelations come at the start of a state visit to the UK by Saudi King Abdullah, who immediately triggered controversy by accusing Britain of not doing enough to tackle terrorism. The claims were hotly denied by the Government.

    The material found in the mosques urges Muslims to lead separate lives from 'nonbelievers' and makes repeated calls for gays to be killed.

    Women should be subjugated and are warned not to pluck their eyebrows or wear perfume.

    In the alarming report, drawn up by the Policy Exchange thinktank, the Saudis were accused of having a 'powerful and malign' influence.

    The contentious pamphlets are either written by the country's Wahhabite religious establishment, published by official or semi-official institutions or found in Saudi-funded or linked mosques
  2. No surprise there mate!!

    I laugh at our willingness to bend over and send an open invitation to be shafted. We all know its going on and we all know that AQT are actively recruiting, or should I say brainwashing young Muslims in UK Mosques, yet we still invite them in with open arms.

    The London super-mosque for example. The largest mosque outside of the middle east, that will dominate the skyline for any visitors to the 2012 Olympics. Planned by Tablighi Jamaat, who are an Islamic group with known links to Al Qaeda and backed by Ken Livingstone who is a cnut at the best of times!! This will be a terrorists recruting village, slap-bang in the centre of London!!


    Unfuckingbelieveable, especially as the biggest threat to the UK at present is home-grown terrorists!! Even the yanks dont have as much of a problem as we do with this.
  3. Great. So my girlfriend is to be forced to wear a towel over her head, so that men can't drool over her.. and then when I get to see her late at night, she's going to stink of BO and have a unabrow across her forehead!

    Not in my bloody world she won't!
  4. Check out zam water on google then go to Guardian unlimited.It,s a Muslim holy water the scam said to be worth £3million in the London.I have not stopped laughing for a week.
  5. This is all very well, but the press are only too happy to selectively report what is arising. But what else can we expect from the Daily Snail?

    Most Muslims do not support these Islamic radicals, just as most Christians do not support the extreme Christian right here, but elements amongst the Christian right advocate women returning to the home, the death penalty for adultery and are enamoured by the psuedo-scientific ideas of Paul Cameron - who infamously said to the US former Surgeon General, Everard Koop, that if a cure for homosexuality could not be found soon, America would have to start exterminating gays. Elements of the US Christian right also advocate persecuting and even killing doctors who are willing to carry out abortions and adulterers. So actually Cameron's supporters over here are advocating more extreme measures than Salafist* fundamentalists. Do the Daily Snail react? Certainly not. They pretend it isn't happening, just like Chamberlain pretended that Hitler was a peacenik!

    *The Muslim equivalent of the protestant Puritans of Cromwell's time
  6. This attitude of the Saudis is not a recent thing.

    These 'gay' practices are an offence to their Holy book, but it happens - what people have to accept is that it is being caught that is the crime.
    A lot of the staff in the company I worked with were there for that practice (not me - I was married accompanied :p ) - it seems to be becoming de rigeur in this country to indulge.
    And it is the law in most countries that if you murder you forfeit your life in return.

    We, some of us and the media, seem very quick to condemn them for their beliefs and their actions, but are also at the same time unwilling to accept that is their right to do what they wish in their own country.

    The Saudis ( and Muslims in general) believe in the Eye for an Eye which seems to be of some benefit (in their eyes at least !!) but what do we do ? - Vote out the death penalty, and reward criminals with compo and holidays (and before I get the 'it was the pollies that did it' - we accepted what they did - we, and the pollies, have forgotten that it is the citzen that should be dictating what happens in this country, not the pollies and the mouthy minority pcd types.

    The citizens of Saudi Arabia believe in the laws that they have and follow them accordingly - who are we to condemn that ? Some of us don't even follow the laws that we have - and this more prevalent in our ruling party at this time

    I spent a lot of years in the KSA, and yes, there was a section of their society who didn't like western foreigners (ferengi), but they also didn't like people from the south in the Empty Quarter (Yemen), or the north (close to Africa) as they considered those peoples to be inferior to themselves (there is a rather shameful word used by a few 'educated' whites as well as some gangsta rappers wannabees in South London that is well used !)

    Before we condemn them for their 'barbaric' ways - perhaps we ought to to look closer to home in the way we, as a society, treat our elderly, our injured soldiers or people in hospitals.

    In the Kingdom, they have a first class treatment for all their citizens, and they do not operate a postcode allocation of medicines, ow whine that they are 'not cost-effective' and Yes, manned by a lot of foreign nationals, but they look after their service people - not a thing that is really at the top of the agenda in this country or its so-called 'leaders'

    I could go on, but this is not meant as a rant, purely a pointer in that other nations have different rules and we must remember that..

    Remember the adage 'pot - kettle - black' !

  7. All true but I think what most people here object to is them not wanting to follow our laws when they live here.They won't accept our culture & try to change our way to theirs.
  8. I agree that most Muslims are peaceful and do not condone the actions of the fundamentalists that seem to be taking over the mosques. however the solution to the problem is in the hands of those same peace loving Muslims. They are the only ones who can change the situation. Unfortunately tribalism means that many wil not give up a fellow Muslim to the Infidel authorities.
    As for US Surgeon looking for a cure for Homosexuality, it made me laugh, I mean gays do not actually breed like rabbbits.
  9. True, but then most of the expats in their country don't follow their laws either.

    Drinking illegal liquids, singles of both sexes meeting together, to mention a couple are just examples.

    I was fortunate that I worked with the RSAF/MoD/BAe and we had the protection, as such, of a certain Prince T. , and I also am guilty of transgressing, at times, their laws against unmarrieds mixing and drinking.

    I also went to church on occasions, that is frowned upon in KSA despite the avarage Saudi saying that it was not an offence in the Qu'ran.

    As for they changing their ways to ours - aren't we the ones who 'colonised' the greater part of the world (remember when atlases showed 2/3 of the globe as pink coloured ?) - they consider the western way as decadent.

    And for them changing our ways - the blame for this is on our decadent, sleaze ridden goverment in giving other nationalities all the rights and opportunities to do this when that they won't give to their own citizens the same.

    Anyway, whatever we do or say, somethings will happen - whether good or bad remains to be seen later.
  10. Got to agree with you. The word you may be thinking about is "Kaffir", which means 'non-believer' (in the Qu'ran). The dishdashas used it long before the Rock Spiders got hold of it.

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