Fall in three thick, tallest on the flanks shortest in the middle.

Just a thought, it is now illegal to ask some one their age when applying for a job. Retirement age no longer existed.

How many old timers are going to queue up and re-enlist? If you were a civil servant with an official No., providing you had a good track record you would have to be considered for the job before anyone else. If this applied to the navy would we have problems?
Think I'll give it a miss. Twenty two years of having to be subservient to many of the officers I served with was enough. Having said that many more that I served with OK, a few were magic.
No as a civilian with my mortgage paid and enough funds to survive comfortably on I think I'll pass.
However I'm due to pick up my old age pension in 2010 so please guys keep paying the taxman

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