Aged 33 wanting to Join the Navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Noel, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on joining the Royal Navy at my age.

    I've been wanting to join for years and years. The only reason I hadn't is due to working for the family business.

    I'm married with two young children although working away won't be new to me. I'm certainly not super fit but I do play football twice a week and are able to run the the 1.5 mile run within the time.

    My particular interest would be working within the Warfare Branch.

    Any advice would be great cheers.
  2. There are a number of threads so it's worth having a rake around in the Newbies section to see what you can turn up.

    *does not compute*

  3. strictly speaking, cleaning in the Warfare branch might be more accurate...
  4. Forget it shippers bad idea :oops: :oops: its a young mans game :wink: IMHO :roll:
  5. go for it mate im 32 and im joining as long as you can take some piss taking im sure youll be ok
  6. My advice, whatever branch you choose, would be to chase promotion as quickly as you can. Onboard ship you will be sharing a small messdeck with a lot of lads, many of whom will be in their late teens and early twenties and to be honest a lot of them lack any sense of maturity and responsibility or respect for themselves, other people or their property. Someone of your age at the start of their career and with no experience or seniority might get quickly frustrated with that sort of attitude compared to the amount of responsibility you may well have had as a civilian, especially being married with children.
  7. Who'll be supporting your family while you're being paid a trainees wage?
  8. Have you given thought to joining as a Submariner, at least you'll get more money and be more stable in time at home.

    We recently put a lad in who was 33 and he's loving it. What you lack in youthfullness will be made up for in maturity and commonsense.


  9. i think everyone is different you can ask people for advice some will say your too old some will say go for it but without knowing the individual no one can say for sure.the only person who knows if youll be able to cope with been older than most of the lads is you,if you think you can go for it!!!
  10. Cheers for the response guys. I'm glad it doesn't seem to much of a thing.

    Money wise we should be ok. My wife has a job and I paid off my house in 2006 (ten year mortgage)

    If you don't mind me asking davemac32 how was HMS Raleigh?
  11. You got a ten-year mortgage at the age of 20?

    Why did you leave Chelsea/Boyzone/Leather ******* Boys video productions?
  12. It's only a little Bungalow in N/Wales.
  13. I see.

    How come you had to stretch it over ten years then? :thumbleft:

    Good luck.
  14. Frustrating isn't it.. civvies sorting out their financial standing before joining up to have some fun with the RN.

    I would echo Jimmy Green's sentiments and aspire to move through the ranks, there's so much for you to take here...
  15. havent been to Raleigh yet mate just passed my RT and eye test and got my interview on 11th March,if you got on to the royal navy web site and look for from civvy to sailor and recruits diary this should give you good idea what to expect and the guy that wrote the diary was a 35 year old recruit, i think there is a link somwhere on this site,good luck!!
  16. Not trying to be funny here mate, but why are you even commenting on this thread when you have not even joined up yet? You are not really in a position to offer any sort of advice and the fact you said what you said proves that. :roll:

    Noel, you are not too old mate and will also be able to offer some maturity to the new entrants and have a better understanding of life. I would imagine many will look up to you, even though you are basically a new entrant like them.

    As long as you are physically fit and adaptable, you will be okay bud. As others have mentioned, try to get on that promotion ladder as quick as you can or you will find it hard to be taking orders from 21 year old Leading Hands etc.

    What does your wife think about you joining up? I imagine your children will find it hard to cope with at times also, as they have been used to having 'daddy' around all the time. That side of life will be a wrench, trust me.

    Good luck to you bud and enjoy the life the RN gives you.
  17. I disagree, the guy is a similar age and has decided to take the plunge, to the guy who asked the question it will be comforting to know he's not a bizarre case wanting to join at that age.

    I'm 33 myself and a Senior Rate, I can tell you now there'e no way I'd join up at my age. But each to their own. I say good luck.
  18. Like i said in a previous thread on the same subject, in the Junior rates mess, the young JDs might say "were not going ashore with you pops!!! when the ship gets into harbour" The average age onboard was 21 in my day. The 3 badged Killick of the mess of 60guys was your age :wink: :wink: Just my thoughts on the subject :wink: :roll:
  19. On the flip side, what 33 year old would want to go ashore with a bunch of 18 - 21 year olds? He'll find his own group of oppos. Unless it's the wrens mess.......

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