Age really is no barrier

Having just completed going through the application stage i thought that at my age I would be one of a few. However after reading various posts and having a few of my own questions answered I've found that there are quite a few over 30's applying for the navy. Hopefully one day we will all be there proving that although maybe not as quick as a few of the younger lads and lasses age is not a barrier and what we have learn't during our times good and bad we can pass on to the younger ones who can gain from us as i hope we can gain from them. Good luck to all
I had a LH that was mid 40's and he couldnt keep up with his lads when I gave them a job. So I had to work around that is that favourtism over my other LH that was mid 20's?
thats something that life teaches you its disipline and knowing when to get on with it at sometime in life there will always be someone younger there to tell you what to do.
cornishgolfer said:
I had a LH that was mid 40's and he couldnt keep up with his lads when I gave them a job. So I had to work around that is that favourtism over my other LH that was mid 20's?
Yes, simple as that, but them is the rules...
I can honestly say that in my early 20s I had done enough of service life. I could not imagine going back into that now, or ten or fifteen years ago. I admire, immensely, those willing to do this as they get older.
A couple of weeks ago I was on a BA flight and the steward in our section had a commanding presence, and was the opitomy of good service, a true professional. How long had he been working for the airline....6 months! He was fifty if he was a day.


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do you think as more and more people over 30yrs applying, they will increase the service cut off (currently at 40) and maybe increase this to 45ish?? :?:
You are right that age is no barrier to joining the Andrew, But it will be easier to "mould" a younger Nozzer. Not thinking of just the training :wink: but the mindset. The older nozzer will probably be married with children, and thats going to be hard on him and the Missus. With all the trials and tribulations that go with it IMHO. I still think it is a young mans game :wink:


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I was 32 years young when I passed out of HMS Raleigh in December and age was never a barrier. I was 3rd fastest over the 2.4k and the youths couldn't get near me! There were at least 6 over 30 in my entry, not all made it but most did. If your prepare yourself you'll be fine. At an advanced age you're more trusted by the instructors, like being made class leaders and deputies etc. If you want it......go for it. 8)


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i mean you serve 18yrs or to the age of 40, maybe this could be increased to 45, but im looking at 5 or 10 years time.

How many people actually get to stay in after the age of 40, i know its up the admirality board, but is there a realistic chance as long as you can do your job efficiently and competently i dont see why people shoundnt


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I'm going to be 30 this year, and can't wait to get my wrinkling arse into the senior service, everything about it appeals, the discipline, challenges, hard work and long hours, change of life and location etc... if you'd have told me at the turn of the millenium that I was on my way in to the Navy in 2010 I'd have told you to feck off and laughed you out of the room, being a graphic design student and wotnot.. I think it just takes some folks, myself as a case in hand, a bit longer to realise where their calling in life is, what they're built for.. I know I've made the right choice even though most of my mates think I'm a 'changed man' and don't support the decision, fcuk them, it's a good choice and probably the only way to reach my potential. Anyway all that is probably irrelevant but I fancied a ramble so there you have it.
I am looking forward to the challange etc.... making new friends is appealing too. I have always fancied the Navy but other things have stopped me from doing it, some good but some bad..... Now at 33 I feel i have to go for it, my family are happy for me (my mum a wee bit scared lol) but the only person who's backing was a must is my partner and I have that.

The one thing I know will be hard is not seeing my 2 yr old daughter, but I know that this is what I want and I will never let my girl forget her dad....
FunkyJunky said:
you have to be prepared for people considerable younger than you telling you what to do every day and getting you to do (at times) crap jobs...
It doesn't matter what age the person is. It's the rank that is important. I know the officer training is tough so if someone 10 years younger than me managed it then hats off to them.

It is mine or our decision to join so late. My biggest regret is not applying after I finished school. But I hope the life experiances I've accumulated count for something :p
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