Age of FAA Cabs

What is the average age of the Junglies & Lynx in service they must be at least 30. With the increase in Ops surely thing are eventually going to go tits up leaving no lift capability for the troops on the ground, even the crabs are suffering with "age issues" with the Pumas.
There was an article about six weeks ago (that I can not find)
That a dozen Chinooks CH 47s that are grounded since purchase due to been unable to fly when cloud cover
Are to have the technology ripped out and operate as ordinary Chinooks

I can find the story of unable to fly since purchased , but not of the latest idea to strip the techno out
The SK4 came into service in 1979 and has just been extended in service until 2017! Basically it can be equated to a Mk 1 Escort!

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