Age limits ??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pugfrom83, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Whilst ship was in Middlesborough ships football team were invited to Ayesome Park on a freebie. Long story but ended up with a 61 year old smoggie. One of the best [email protected] I have ever ever had. Game as f*ck and surprisingly mobile.
    There was supposed to be two of us but oppo passed out within first 1/2 hour of the action.
    There must be RR's out there that have done older (and your wives don't count for the silly old c*nts).
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When i go for the "mature" lady, or gilf if you prefer, mobility is something that i actively discourage. If they are mobile, an application of a lump hammer to fragile shin bones works wonders.
  3. Me and a stoker oppo of mine trapped these 2 old girls in Jester's (classy), when we were both about 19. They were both late 50's, and decided we were gonna get it on. On way back to their place, my so called wingers fcuking banged out as we drove past Drake main gate. One of the ladies then asked if she could join in with me and her mate? After agreeing, we went to her mates and I fcuked 'em both.

    Worst thing was, her son came down in the morning while I was crimped on the sofa with both of them. He was about 26 and not happy. His Mum fcuked him off before he kicked my head in.

    Good times.
    Swamped as well.
  4. Ah yes, the Shagging bracket.

    Personally, I'll do anything at all, but I believe the acceptable formula to apply is:

    Where n is your age.

    If you are below 25 years of age.

    (n/2) + 7 (Youngest socially acceptable)

    (n X 2) - 7 (Oldest socially acceptable)

    If you are between 26 and 35

    (n/1.7) + 3 (Youngest)

    (n X 2.4) - 7 (Oldest)

    If you are 36+

    Just pay for whatever you can get.

    Anything outside that means your a hideous, sick pervert and should be fed through a wood chipper by priests.
  5. Your formula is wrong.

    Lets say in this instance that n = 24

    n/2 = 12

    12 + 7 = 19

    Therefore 19 is the youngest a 24 year old can acceptably nail?

    As a 24 year old I made it my mission to ruin as many of my sister's 17 and 18 year old mates as possible.

    Socially acceptable?

    Damn right.
  6. You fcuking idiot.

    That is in order to free up all the teeny slags for the likes of us who don't abide by these stupid rules.

    Now you've fcuked it.

    And I got that of some yank website and they're all fcuking gay anyway.
  7. I'm married shippers. Couldn't give a fcuk about the rest of you cnuts.

    I am a right seeing off bastard aren't I?
  8. Marriage? See my bold above.

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