Discussion in 'RMR' started by laxy, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone, I am 42 years old and applied for holding troop last year,
    passed my application stage and attended my test at the AFCO office in manchester and pasted that, and passed my PJFT also attended on a few occassions drill night, but due to work commitments could not keep it up. do you think they would have me back if i explained my situation to them, as now i can attend?? any help please thanks be honest
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The maximum age for an untrained individual joining the RMR is the same as the regular RM (32).

    In BR63A (Regulations for the RMR) it still says that in exceptional circumstances an age waiver may be granted by the Director RMR. My understanding is that exceptional means a former fully trained regular infantryman from either the RAF Reg or Army Inf. that has something which the RMR require.

    Frankly not turning-up for whatever reason last time is hardly likely to put yourself in the "exceptional" category & either way the age waiver is likely to be withdrawn since the regular RM age limits were raised from 26 to 32. Despite the fact that Chris Terrill completed the Commando tests, it's highly unlikely you would be entertained a second time as an over-age applicant & the first question would be: "Why didn't you join for the 16 years you were eligible or leave it until you were 10 years overage?"

    Nevetheless, good luck.
  3. Thanks very much for your hoesty Ninja_Stoker, guess your right on this one.
  4. Your best hope is to live in Denmark for 12 months then you would be eligible (subject to speaking good Danish, of course) to join Hjemmevænet (HJV) (The Danish Home Guard) which have rather higher upper age limits, subject to good health & fitness. I know of some men in their mid 70s (yes you read that right) serving. The HJV which have a naval section (Marinehjemmevænet); an army section (Hærhjemmeværnet); and an air force section (Luftmeldekorpset) plus a police section. I used to have links with the Luftmeldekorps when I was in the Royal Observer Corps: they were based on us; and the RNXS had links with the Marinehjemmeværn.

    More information here :)
  5. LOL easy as that then, go join the Danish military, just what he was looking for!!

    Great post from Ninja. No harm in trying if you really want it, as unlikely as it is, better to have tried and failed.....
  6. Well if he's really KEEN!!! :twisted:
  7. Thingy not only are u full of shit you really need to get ur facts right. idiot
  8. If you can't take a joke etc.

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