Age Limit ?

I wondered if any one could please answer a question related to the maximum age limit for officer duties? I am currently studying two A-levels which i hope to complete within the next year and a half or so. The only problem i have is that i will be 26 by then, and it states officer entry has an upper age-limit of 26. So does this mean that your 26th birthday is a cut off point or can i apply to join up until my 27th? Which basically means anything upto 26 years 11 months? I know that some officer positions have a higher age limit but i had my sights set on being a pilot, so any information would be greatly accepted.
Could you do an intensive study course and take the A levels at the next available opportunity?

Also, do you need A levels? In the past five GCSE's including Maths and English was sufficient, though it may have changed since.
It does actually specify on the Navy website that you need at least 140 ucas points AND 5 gcse's a* - c grade ? So i'm not sure ? I know that 2 A-levels at A grade would net you about 220 points so i would be well over. It's just the age limit problem that is concerning me? I hope i'm not studying for the no reason.
It seems that these days everyone wishes to join as an officer. Previous postings have been from people with degrees (many of them of the M.Mouse variety)
With 2 A levels your education standards fall below the standard a qualified artificer would have reached at petty officer level( unless this has changes since my time).
What other qualities have you to offer the RN besides 2 A levels?
It's not the fact that,as you put it, everyone wishes to join as an officer,it was more to do with the fact that i was on the understanding that i couldn't apply to be a pilot without joining as an officer? If there is another way i would be grateful if someone could inform me of it. And i have no problem what so ever as joining as a Rating and working my way up aslong as i could get to where i wanted to be?

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