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Age limit, second chance?

For some time I have been considering a career in the RN, within a branch of engineering (perhaps AET).

Initially when I first became interested/started to apply I was 29 years old. It was then announced the age limit for engineering would be reduced to 30. This stopped me in my tracks and subsequently wrote off my chances of an engineering career within the RN, or so I thought.

More recently I discovered the age limit had been increased to 34 at some point during 2015. Unfortunately I discovered this a good year too late, as I turned 34 in October of 2016.

I sought some advice from my local afco about my chances of flash to bang (application to acceptance), before becoming too old to meet the upper age entry requirements. This however proved not to be very helpful or informative, as I was (wrongly) advised the upper age limit for engineering was 36! If it wasn't for my questioning of this detail, I would have been fed false info. So after establishing 34 was indeed the upper limit, my afco still seemed reluctant to actually reveal if I would still have enough time.

So here I am, appealing to anyone with the correct knowledge: at 34 years and 3months of age, realistically what are my chances of 'getting in' to a branch of engineering (AET)?
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Very good question.

I think maybe, with some reluctance. My previous professional background is within front end web development & digital design (computers). Outside of work I pride myself on my physical ability. I cycle, row, resistance train; I would thrive within any branch that demanded physical ability.

The reason for engineering is that I thoroughly enjoy using my hands, using tools, taking things apart seeing how they work, how to modify and potentially improve them. I have somewhat of a natural aptitude towards this area & I honestly don't know how I have managed for so long 'going against the grain' working with computers.

So with the addition of the above information, perhaps this could evolve into a two tier question. If not engineering, what would be my next best 'fit'? Any advice from the AFCO's of this forum welcomed (ahem.. Ninja_stroker).

Ultimately I would like to pursue engineering. So I would like to know if I have enough time left? Thank-you.
That's interesting! I can clearly see in that link 'under 37 when you begin basic training'.

Perhaps this was why the afco advisor gave me the age of 36 as the initial answer. However to add confusion and conflict, eligibility using the role finder specifically states 16-34 as per my understanding.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can shed some light on this? Does it mean that I can apply whilst I'm 34, as long as I start basic training before I'm 37?
Stop worrying just go for it before you runout of time wondering if your to old, just make sure you are fit enough and can pass all stages first time, injury recovery takes longer as the years pass by?
Haha, sumo unfortunately I am one of life's worriers (not to be confused with warrior ;). However I completely agree with your sentiment. I need to stop over analysing and just get to it, before time really does become too late for me!

Fortunately fitness wise I shouldn't have a problem. I went out for a short little 2 mile run the other day, for the first time in months (maybe years - however I am a keen cyclist). I think I did pretty well considering I was just outside diver spec & I wasn't even trying. I'm confident with my physical ability. However academically I fear for my strength of mathematics, with numbers I have always struggled. I have my 5 GCSE's @ C, so I just need to revise!

Thank-you ever so much to everyone that has cared to respond. This forum really is a vital resource to folks like me.
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my eldest is a little older than you, his firm put him on tech training/management course, he has struggled with the maths, luckily for him I and his younger brother are here to help, he is improving with practice, so practice as much as possible, I am sure some on here can point you at some WEB links. Good luck

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