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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by norfolkinchance, May 18, 2009.

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  1. is 25 too old to join as an aircrew officer?

    i will finish my AS levels 2 months before my 25th birthday(sept' 2010).

    if i do A2 levels i will finish 2 months before my 26th birthday(sept' 2011).

    is that too old to start the officer selection process for the fleet air arm?

    I read that AS levels were acceptable on their own without A2s but would it affect my chances of success?

    and what else should i do this year to improve my chances?

    any help would be great. thanks.
  2. I believe the max age for aircrew officer is 26.

    What I am unsure about is if 26 is the age that you must have qualified by, (actually been awarded wings), or simply to have started aircrew training.

    A couple of AFCO staff use this forum and should be along at some stage to give you chapter and verse.
  3. It may be possible to start the process now, and be awarded a place at BRNC on condition of acheiving your AS and A level grades, if you pass AIB of course.
  4. Hi,

    You must be under 26 on the first day of training (ie the date of joining BRNC) for any warfare job which includes Aircrew.

    Educational qualifications that can be used are as follows:-

    5 GCSE's A to C to include Maths and English

    180 UCAS points - AS/A2 levels or similar (BTEC etc) minimum score of 45 points meaning that AS must be either A or B or A2 A,B,C or D. they should be from 2 none over-lapping subjects. Therefore a BTEC on its own would not be acceptable.

    You can apply whilst still awaiting your results.

    The first thing you really need to do is contact your nearest Careers office and get an appointment to see an Officer selector (ACLO) soonest.

    Hope this helps


  5. Norfolk

    Which part of the country do you live in (roughly)?
  6. Its in East Anglia isnt it......... :D
  7. I know it's not the FAA, but the Army Air Corps take officer candidates upto the age of 28.

    I'd get the link for you but my laptop won't let me. I checked via the online careers office, though.
  8. thanks for all the help guys.

    i'm from sheffield, why?
  9. Just asking so that I could give you the contact details for the ACLO who covers your area so that you can check with him/her as to when he/she is in the office and available to talk through your options with you in person.

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