Age limit for engineering trades

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tyrrell_matthew, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just got a call from CA saying that all engineering trades now have an upper age limit of 30 years old.

    I sat my RT for AET in Jan 2010 and I'm 29 in march this year!!!

    Squeaky bum time!!

    Anyone else in a similar situation?
  2. Don't see why they've done that.. theres a guy on my course who's nearly 37. Best of luck shippers! AET's the best choice.
  3. yep 29 at the end of this month I have 1.5 years left to wait, oh dear if that is true. My CA hasn't phoned me yet I will ring him friday morning on my day off to be sure.
  4. This has been confirmed to me by my CA too old for AET now I will need to think about what I want to do, if I want to do any other trades
  5. Im 21 and also passed my RT for AET in Jan 2010, with the waiting times it feels like I'm going to have to change branch choice too!
  6. Is this a wind up?

    I started my application for AET in October 2009 and passed my RT in November 2009. I'm now 31 years old and just recently done my second medical and PJFT within the last few weeks. I've been waiting patiently and training hard for the last 14 months.

    If this is true, I will be seriously pissed. What kind of logic dictates that the goal posts should suddenly shift like this? Why an age limit on engineering trades? Why not the same age limit across all trades if they're going to make adjustments?

    I will ring my AFCO tomorrow to confirm. If it is true, then I won't be applying for any other trades for the hell of it and withdraw my application.
  7. CPP,

    For those well along the pipeline, such as yourself & TM, this age limit change does seem a most arbitrary and unfair call.

    Possibly a strong case for those affected to mount an appeal on the grounds of 'Age Discrimination.'?
  8. No wind up the AFCO rang me. Don't jack it in untill you have had a decent look and discussion about other trades. There might be something you can do which appeals. I got told the time I have waited so far counts towards any trade, so you don't have to go to the back of the que (I can't spell it) if you want to go for a different trade.
  9. I can confirm that as of yesterday there have been changes to the entry requirements for all engineering trades within the RN. If you have any worries please ring your careers advisor who will be able to brief you on if these changes actually impact on your entry.

    Keep smiling

  10. i dont believe it.sat test 10/09 and just biding my time and keeping well fit and now this.i just dont believe devastated.why?i just dont understand why.
  11. I also got a call from a careers advisor on Monday asking did I want to attend a ship visit next week.

    Having not spoken to the AFCO for quite a few months now I thought it would be a good opportunity to enquire about the current waiting times for AET post defence review.

    Anyway I got passed across to a guy who asked me was I 29 (answer no) and I asked why?

    He then told me there was an age limit on engineering trades.

    He also reviled that RT scores are being reviewed and it could be possible that you may be called in to re-sit your RT as the pass mark is being increased for AET. (don’t know about other trades) He couldn’t confirm if this would include me as he didn’t have my file in front of him.

    He told me that the people attending the ship visit will find out more on the day as he is still awaiting further clarification on the matter.

    It all sounded a bit sketchy and that’s why I didn’t post earlier in the week. But since the cat is now well and truly amongst the pigeons I’ll throw this further bit of information into the mix.

    Maybe SM or Ninja can shed some light on the situation regarding this matter?
  12. The thing is, there are far more applicants than positions.

    Seems to me like someone has decided to discriminate based on age, because it's easy to do, rather than change the process to a merit based system.

    As it is, if you pass a basic test you go on the list.

    Using age discrimination they've probably removed a quarter of the applicants from the list.
  13. Didn't they do something similar for NA (AC)? I was originally told that as I was already well on with the process, the change wouldn't apply to me ( I'm 29). Has this changed for AC, or are they applying different rules for each branch? Neither seems to make much sense...
  14. So there will be a fair few people who have waited years for absolutely sod all. Can see a lot of incoming from that situation.

    Fortunately Im only 26 in may. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone the age limit changes might affect.
  15. ....the next step will be to eliminate all candidates not blessed with blue eyes & blond hair.

    Does that remind anyone of another selection process?
  16. Slightly dramatic slant on it BOOTWU, but see your point.

    Now I am completely out of the loop (thank God!) I'm not up to date with what's going on, but this does seem harsh on those who have been waiting for quite a while.

    I'm assume that there are reasons and valid explanations for this move, but can only feel complete sympathy for those who have been affected by this decision.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2011
  17. Guzzler,

    Like yourself, my service is over but I have every sympathy for those arbitrarily denied the opportunity to pursue what appeared to be a rewarding career and one well worth waiting for.

    Placing my earlier sarcasm aside, those affected have no common voice or Divisional system to express their grievance and will only be left feeling extremely embittered.

    The way this 'decision' appears to have been leached out (apparently without a logical explanation or any consideration for those in the pipeline likely to devastated by it) strikes me as an absolutely appalling example of any recuitment/man-management criteria.

    I don't expect an answer but would still like to ask:

    Whatever happened to what was once held up as "The most important single factor"?

    I understand that they are somewhat constrained by the party line but perhaps Ninja Stoker and Super Mario may care to elaborate on this subject.

    ie Have recent older ET trainees been seen to be performing significantly poorly compared with their younger counterparts?

    Someone somewhere must know 'Why' and I believe that those affected should treated with more consideration.
  18. I feel sorry for these people I really do. It seems arbitrary decisions will be made regardless of the effect on peoples lives, hopefully all will be made clear in the future.
  19. hi everyone.because the age limit has been lowered ive had to pull out after waiting 18 months.i just want to wish every body here the very best for the future and i hope the navy is as good as i hoped it would.finally i would like to wish everyone in the armed forces the very best of luck as you are all doing a very tough job.thanks and goodbye.[​IMG]
  20. Rodeo

    Were you not able to consider one of the jobs for which the maximum age hasn't dropped?

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