AGE & JOINING RMR (liverpool)

Well done mate - Im around the same stage as yourself for RMR Scotland. Medical, Interview, Eyesight exam etc tomorrow, so another hurdle crossed.

For your interview, have a general knowledge of Corps history, RMR history, Unit locations and where Units are currently deployed etc. Just be switched on and honest and you will crack it mate.

Good luck

I guess if you were a young'un they would probably ask you about school/college/uni ect but being soooo old you have probably forgotten!! Just kidding mate I am another one of the older potential RMR recruit bods on here, just a wee bit older than yourself! :wink:

All the best with it and Spenny good luck for tomorrow!

It's going to be interesting watching how it all pans out for us at our different detachments.

Cheers lads :lol:


Lantern Swinger
give the recruiting Sgt a bell on 0151 707 3346 , the next intake is Sept but they will be starting a holding troop soon.
A lot of the holding troop stuff is phys anyway it will give you an idea as to where you are with your fitness and also enough time to rectify and shortcomings you may have.
Better to have a look at it now without a big commitment plus it will give you a chance to see if the RMR is for you.
Good luck


miffta said:
HI All just keeping you all updated (if your interested).
I had my presentation evening / entry test last night at RMR liverpool, all 5 of the lads there passed the test including me, i enjoyed the presentation & tour..
Im looking forward to joining even more now.

Holding troop starts at the end of Feb & ive got my interview & Medical at the beginning of march.. so hopefully the ball is rolling for me now.

Any hints / tips for the interview would be much appreciated

Thanks to all who read this..[/quote
From an old and very bold exPSI (DL1) RMR MERSEYSIDE 1985-87, Be honest with yourself and the interviewer. They will soon suse out if you are bulls******g. If you are not willing to go on active service and do everything that that entails including killing the enemy don't waste theirs or your own time.