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Discussion in 'RMR' started by miffta, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. HI All..
    Just wondering if any one can help..
    Been seroiusly thinking about Joining the RMR (liverpool)
    The Problem is I'm 28 & still want to work a little more on my fitness level...
    I joined the Royal marines six years ago but had to leave Training due to family problems.. Now i'm too old to join The Royal Marines & also have a family... So i think the RMR would be perfect...
    Can any give me advice / tips On joining & Getting fit ASAP (before i'm too old)

    is age 30 the passout age limit or just the signing up age ?????

    Thanks in Advance to all Who read / reply
  2. I think you are not to old to join. To do your fitness do about how much pressups you can manage and then keep adding the total amount of pressups higher each week and also go running in a certain circuit you wanna go and do how much you can manage each week make your running distance futher but go running and pressups each day. go swimming 1 day a week if you can do lenghs of the swimming pool and keep doing more lenghs as you get fitter(it works try it).you should be fit in about a month i also forgot do some sit up for upper body strength and i wish you all the best in the future.

  3. Alright Mifta and welcome to Rum Ration.

    This post is deja vu to me, as my first post on this site was along the same lines.
    Im 30 years old, have two daughters, a very demanding full time and a part time career and I am just about to start training with RMR Scotland.

    Firstly, regarding your age mate, your definitely NOT too old!!
    As Scottish Kiwi will tell you, a 30 year old lad passed on his Commando Course not so long ago and guys even older than that have managed it in the past. As long as you can meet the standards fitness wise, your age should stand you in good stead in terms of maturity, life experience etc.

    One thing I was told by a Bootie and have taken on board, is that being slightly older, the younger lads might look up to you when the going gets tough. The training team will most likely expect you to show leadership qualities too, so make sure your that little bit fitter, have all your admin squared away, stay switched on & motivated and offer them encouragement as much as you can. Lead by example mate!!

    I suppose joining at this age when you have more commitments than most Recruits, requires a combination of the want factor and having an understanding family. When your shagged out out from a hard week at work, your kids are playing up and your wife isnt feeling very well, packing your kit and deploying into the field for a weekend or longer can be hard going. Like anything though you get what you put in and the hardship will be worth it when you earn your green lid!!

    Regarding your fitness, work hard on running, hill sprints and circuit training at first, to build a good base level of all round fitness.
    Also, contact your local unit to see fi they are running a holding troop - that would be a good way to get in, get a feel for it and work on your phys in preparation for Selection weekend. There are also some tips on the sports and adventure forum on this site.

    Good luck mate and if I can be of any help feel free to PM me.

  4. Hello Mate
    Definately not to old but like alot of the motivation level and commitments isn't quite as it was. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT MATE!! As i said to spenny et al months ago, i have an oppo who was 33 when he did hid course. Yes admittedly he was para reg before that but he still had to do the whole lot from phase one. My answer to you is to go and have a chat with the recruiting sargeant and see what he says.

  5. Thanks for the replys..
    Feel better now!! Have just seen on the news, that the MOD has upped the Entry age aswell...Just need to get stuck in now and get As fit as poss
    Thanks again
  6. Good luck mate. Keep us updated with how you get on.

  7. Good luck again and hope you get in.
  8. good luke i think u should get in.
  9. You will get in just cause you cant spell you can go for certain jobs. When they give you spelling test etc they will tell what jobs are for you and what job aint for you
  10. THANKS ALL !!
    You've been a great Help, I've been in touch RMR over the phone, Thay are going to send some info out to me.. I'm Going to Read that to brush up a little, Keep getting fit & then hopefully go on a presentation day & bobs your Uncle...
  11. I am not your uncle !!!!!!!!! :D

    Good luck Miffta, let us know how you get on.
  12. HI All just keeping you all updated (if your interested).
    I had my presentation evening / entry test last night at RMR liverpool, all 5 of the lads there passed the test including me, i enjoyed the presentation & tour..
    Im looking forward to joining even more now.

    Holding troop starts at the end of Feb & ive got my interview & Medical at the beginning of march.. so hopefully the ball is rolling for me now.

    Any hints / tips for the interview would be much appreciated

    Thanks to all who read this..
  13. Well done mate - Im around the same stage as yourself for RMR Scotland. Medical, Interview, Eyesight exam etc tomorrow, so another hurdle crossed.

    For your interview, have a general knowledge of Corps history, RMR history, Unit locations and where Units are currently deployed etc. Just be switched on and honest and you will crack it mate.

    Good luck

  14. I guess if you were a young'un they would probably ask you about school/college/uni ect but being soooo old you have probably forgotten!! Just kidding mate I am another one of the older potential RMR recruit bods on here, just a wee bit older than yourself! :wink:

    All the best with it and Spenny good luck for tomorrow!

    It's going to be interesting watching how it all pans out for us at our different detachments.

    Cheers lads :lol:
  15. give the recruiting Sgt a bell on 0151 707 3346 , the next intake is Sept but they will be starting a holding troop soon.
    A lot of the holding troop stuff is phys anyway it will give you an idea as to where you are with your fitness and also enough time to rectify and shortcomings you may have.
    Better to have a look at it now without a big commitment plus it will give you a chance to see if the RMR is for you.
    Good luck

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