Age, Entry and AIB?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gbanger, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Am 25 and taking AIB in November was wondering if this will be taken into account when i get through as my birthday is March. So need to start BRNC before my birthday as will be to old. Any help advice would be great. cheers.
  2. If you pass, I don't see there being a problem, seeing as you were accepted before the age stated.

    However, I wouldn't know as I never went through it.

    Ninja_S should be able to help you, wait till he sees the thread for further info.
  3. As far as I am aware it will not, however I have been told that February entry is looking a little thin, so do well enough and you could still get in.

    Read the AIB thread, do the things highlighted in there, and I may well be seeing you down at BRNC.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hello gbanger,

    Welcome to the site, glad it's proved useful so far.

    If your particular trade advises entry ages between 18-26, it means you have to enter service (start at BRNC) before you reach your 26th birthday. Providing you pass AIB, are selected & have an entry date before you hit 26, you're OK!

    Hope that helps.

    MOD Edit: Age limits corrected. Get your facts right bucko.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate the help. was certain i had read under 26 at start date so thanks for easing my worries. Finding the site very helpful as i'm sure others are, especially useful in finding what to look at revision wise. thank again

    also cheers PO & Jenny
  6. Contray to the above it is entry before your 26th borthday. Guys trust me on this one as i am 26 and join in Jan and i had an age waiver raised. However this is normally an in service move. Work hard at AIB to try and make it before your birthday as it may be tough to get in after your 26th. It took many letters and several seniors officers to fight my corner so i could start training over age.

    All this said do not be daunted by the task in hand and good luck, its do-able!

  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I stand corrected. You are indeed correct, for some specialisations, unlike ratings who must join before their next birthday, Officers must physically join under the maximum age stated. An age waiver, providing the applicant started the process under the age limit may be considered on an individual basis but only under exceptional circumstances and is NOT assured :

    1. Minimum Age. Officer Entrants must be over 17 years old on the first day of the
    month of entry to BRNC or CTCRM.
    2. Maximum Age. Upper age limits for Officer Entrants are dependant on specialisation:
    a. Warfare and Aircrew. Must be under the age of 26 on the first day of the month
    of entry to BRNC.
    b. Logistics Officers Must be under the age of 32 on the first day of the month of
    entry to BRNC.
    c. Royal Marine Officers. Must be under the age of 26 on the first day of the month
    of entry to CTCRM.
    d. Engineer Officers (AE, ME, WE). Must be under the age of 30 on the first day of
    the month of entry to BRNC. Exceptionally, entrants up to the age of 34 may be
    accepted into Service provided they have gained relevant industrial engineering
    experience that would enhance their Naval engineering skills.
    e. Engineer (Information Systems) Officers. Should normally be under the age of
    30 on the first day of the month of entry to BRNC.
    f. Engineer (Training Management) Officers. Should normally be under the age of
    30 on the first day of the month of entry to BRNC.
    g. Medical, Dental and Nursing Officers and Chaplains. As directed by relevant
    Specialist Recruiter, however the following guidelines apply:
    (1) Medical and Dental. Under 46 years of age if entrant requires Career
    Professional Training. Under 55 if candidate holds Independent Fully Accredited
    Practitioner status.
    (2) Nursing. Under 39 years of age on entry.
    (3) Chaplains. Under 39 years of age on entry."

    My humble apologies for duff information.

    Edited to change Engineering Training Manager as age on entry has dropped from below 34 to below 30 for all new applicants.
  8. Nice one - im doing my AIB in November too - 5th. As for the age - if you push for a brilliant pass at AIB (work bl**dy hard) , they would probably try to get you into the Feb uptake at BRNC.
  9. Good luck GPZ! there are cases when a strong candidate comes through that they hear from AIB in a matter of weeks with an entry date. They will take into account your age and will do what they can. However talk to your ACLO and push for it. Sadly if a entry date is full up they cant move anyone from that entry as that would not be fair. good luck and if you require any help please contact me, I sat AIB back in Feb and got a very high standard pass and im also "in".

    Are you going for Pilot? its the way ahead!
  10. Oh dear and here was me getting all exited that some of the pressure was off and now it all back on again well back to the books and the running. And i can tell you carting 100kg (thats me by the way not extra weight) round the roads i live on is not easy. Oh well chin up!!!

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