Age 15 BMI of 18, will I fail medical?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Goldflight, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. I am a very healthy 15 year old applying to Welbeck Defence Six Form College. I am a healthy weight for my age according to the NHS calculator but I have a very slightly underweight BMI for an adult. Will this be a problem in my medical examination? If so, any healthy ideas on how to gain weight (muscle and fat)?
  2. Got to tell ya son, if you're looking to build muscle then it's all about the protein (not the powder you buy in shops) and lifting weights. Cardio builds health heart and lungs, but dumbbells gets the guns. Even Bruce Lee lifted weights.
  3. The doc will be along soon, he is the man to listen to.
  4. Go to McDonalds and eat Bigmacs and thick shakes three times a day for a month,BMI problem solved.
  5. You're only 15, plenty of time to bulk up.
  6. Shortly followed by diabetes and a heart attack.....
  7. He never mention what the drawbacks could be.
  8. I went from 72kg-81kg through a mixed diet of maccy d's and KFC. It works however its not too good for your health, cardio now just rips it up. 2 miles a day keep the doctor away ....

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