After two years ...

... of being unemployed\househusband, I start a new job Mon 11th as a trainee telephonist at the local hospital. 4 weeks training on how to answer the phone. Then I go onto a "bank" system whereby I get called in as required. But at least it is four weeks worth of money coming in. I am not going to say "how the mighty fall" but tell myself that from small acorns ....etc. Plus it is money coming into the household that is desperately needed. Fortunately, the child care costs have been reduced as I've offered my IT skills free to the nursery. But at the end of the day, I'll be still be working for £4 an hour after costs.
What concerns me about this role is the fact that the line I will be monitoring is THE line for both hospitals here. The General and the Window Lickers Special.

I wonder how long it will take for me to break and tell them to go and jump off a cliff instead of wasting everyone's time.... :wink:
S'pose it would cut down on their calls...

Jersey has a bit of an issue with suicides - something that "they" try and keep quiet about. A bit like the child abuse scandal.... shhh, nothing to see, move along .... It was a bit silly putting up all the meshing around the multistory car parks to stop the jumpers when there are plenty of cliffs and harbours that would offer the same "services".
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