after trainig?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dicksy, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. After ur passing out parade u get weekend of ?(is it long weekend)
    And after that going back on the monday where do you go too ?
  2. The Training Establishment at which your trade does Phase 2 e.g. HMS Sultan, HMS Collingwood, HMS Raleigh.
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  3. The AFCO would have told you that, you should know (remember?) all this stuff.
  4. in his defence my AFCO has not briefed me on this stuff yet..
  5. You're saying during your interview that you were not asked about your Phase two training. You genuinely do not know where it even takes place. Up until now, it has not occured to you to find these things out? Seriously? I worry, I really do.
  6. when i first sat my RT we were all explained in detail how phase 1 and 2 would go.
  7. So after phase 1 do u hand kit back or do u takeit with u onto phase 2?
  8. IF this is aimed at me.. which i don't think it is... but in my defence

    -Im still waiting for my medical and so have not had my interview.
    -I have researched this myself.

    unfortunately we didn't get that. But that may be because the three of us that passed were going for 3 different trades.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Hey, Iv never even met my current CA so he's doing better than I am :p
  11. I know my recent post is less to be admired at but this is quite special.
  12. Thank u I was told about phase to but didn't know wen that would start if it was right after basic
    And I remember know this but there was things I didn't know and thought tis would be a good place
    To find out but I suppose u got nuthin better to do than b a first grade prick
  13. I think "dicksy" is ******** misspelt
  14. bowing_RE_More_Rage_Comics-s304x387-68598.jpg

    your welcome
  15. And you have a Raleigh date! Where's the initiative? Beggars belief.
  16. Come on guys lay off the lad. Sometimes questions are intelligent, other times they are a little 'special' but lets not put the boot in on him. As wrecker did, just answer the fellas question and then we can all reconvene in Bambi's thread for mild mannered banter :p
  17. Put your toys back in the pram and think things through before you post, starting with recognisable English would be good. I'm beginning to think this is a wind up considering your other posts on other threads.

    Edited to add Scouse, be nice week was last week
  18. I just wanted to know sum stuff fro people who have been there done it didn't think it would b so hard for a answer
    And didn't want to phone my ca with alot of small questions thought this site was for that

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