After the interview

Why not try the Horses Mouth aka your AFCO?

Directly after your interview yesterday would have been the perfect time/place/person for that your questions to be answered.

Why didn't you ask away then? Were you dumbstruck or what??

Meantime try:

Obviously you have already posted on that thread - Why not try reading it again?

For what happens beyond the brick wall which that OP hit you could also try the Search function for any aspect of the RN recruiting process.
- Fitness test (if not done already)
- Security check (if not done already)
Once you done them two things you should get a email on your provisional dates for the PRNC and Raleigh.
How long does it take for the security check? Did mine yesterday and sent it off.
I sent mine off on the first day of this month. Remained in "Waiting for sponsor action" (AFCO was on hoilday) till around the 16th and now its in progress.
Could take a week, month or months. Depends.


War Hero
Try searching >security clearance<

The answer is most often; it takes as long as it takes. Yours is not the only folder in the in tray and your internet browsing history may lead to some sticky moments.

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