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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ian448, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I am due to join as an AET hopefully in September , What happens after the 9 weeks at Raleigh.

    do you finish on friday and start at Sultan on the monday or get a period of leave in between.
  2. after raleigh I think you get about 2 weeks leave then it's off to your chosen branch training.
  3. You seem rather well informed for someone who isn't serving.
    Now in my day (before you were a glint in your dads eye ) we went directly from Raleigh to part 2 training. It may have changed but unless there is a leave period due I would very much doubt it.
    However I am not qualified to answer the question and neither are you.
    Wind your neck in and let those who know give a definitive answer, :twisted:
  4. Eh no you don't.

    If your phase 2 course is not starting on the following monday you will be placed in Hawke division for holdover. You don't get leave on completion of phase 1 unless in coincides with a main leave period.
  5. Depends whether it ties in with leave periods or not, I went straight into part 2 training, no leave. likewise on completion of seamanship on friday, I joined Dryad the very next monday.
  6. Thanks Drakey
    What is it with these kids, they ask stupid questions and give answers to questions that they don't know the answers to.
    Crunts!" :twisted:
  7. Normally you will only get a weekend off in-between Phase 1 and II. Only time you will get a longer leave is if you happen to match up with one of the main leave periods (2 weeks for Easter, 3/4 weeks for summer and 2 weeks for Xmas)



  8. Just curious Supermario, when are the 3/4 weeks in the summer?
  9. Whats with the weekend? Left Raleigh - loaded on a bus and tipped up at Haslar 6 hours later!
  10. &th August til 7th September. Only for those at Raleigh at that time. :roll:
  11. passed out yesterday and i have to be at collingwood monday :)
  12. Congratulations!
  13. I am hopefully passing out on the 7th of August i am just wondering do i go straight to phase 2 on the monday or do i get the summer leave?

  14. Summer leave.
  15. Hey, I pass out this friday and im straight off to my Phase 2 Next monday. :D
  16. Oh good. So we're correct then?
  17. hi my daughter is in week 5. going down to pick her up for pass out in dec. she has to be at HMS Sultan on the monday, wondered if they have some of her kit sent forward or they have to take it all with them on train. Many thanks.
  18. They take all the kit with them.

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