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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by philcom3, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. ok please excuse my spelling i have dyslexia...

    anyway my question is what happens after raligh for a new AET i know you go to Gosport aviation collage but when do u start to say i want to be working with harriers or lynxes. and who and how do you decides which to do avionics or machancis.

    oh and whats a alco i know what a afco is but someone used alco and afco in the same scentence.

    and also how many are you alwoed to have come to your passign out parade

    curently im awaitign dates for my reinterveiw

    i origonaly had my heart set on being a marine engenerign officer, but i neded a degree and didnt get good enough alevels especialy on the maths side, but i got a good enough score for the afco in nots to advise me to go for aet and we aggred on that cos it was my second option anyway, or similar anyway. so imn reinterviewing now after 6 months and a biking injury that put my reinterveiw back cos of medical retests. passed everytig else fine i just didnt know enough about the FAA branch, now i hope i do all teh rest of the intervew when fine
    and now im geting my tiems down on the road and curently at 12 30 ont he treadmill and 13 20 at the road when i last tiemed it last week.

    im comign down quikly now i know i need to push .. i had other things to do soo i couldnt get my tiem down so easily and teh accident put me back trainging properly for 2 3 weeks
    i had a injurd knee everythign passed fine ont hat now

    so main points how do u chose how do tehy know what to put you for and how many at raligh?

    and again please excuse my dam dyslexic figners lol if i had teh patients id correct but i dont cos its 2 20 am and iv nbeen tryign to find these questions all week
  2. AFCO: Armed Forces Careers Office

    ACLO: Area Careers Liaison Officer
  3. This post has to be a joke 8O
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not a problem, the spellcheck function probably wouldn't have coped anyway.

    I couldn't be bothered deciphering the questions unfortunately, because I'm exhausted giving answers for two years on here to those with or without dyslexia that can be bothered making themselves understood.

    It is worth pointing out that the entire work ethos of AETs involves meticulous attention to detail- if they make a mistake aircraft fall out of the sky & people die. You are obviously bright if you passed the test for AET, if you simply can't be arsed, then Air Engineering ain't for you.
  5. I wouldn't think that running like an asthmatic tortoise would help much either.
  6. Perhaps you should stick with your plans to be an occifer. You can't be bothered to sort out your posting and expect others to correct it for you. Welcome to the wardroom sir :twisted:
  7. Just what I was thought when I got to the bit about being an Engineering officer....I don't have a problem with anybody that has SpLd's per se but I do have an issue with people who just can't be arsed to find out how to spell something...getting the name of the base right for isn't hard to COPY ffs. :roll:
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Haha, lay off the lad you pack of wolves. Don't you know English is an ever evolving language. Maybe in this case its devolving. :wink:
  9. Fcuk me, is Dyslexia spreading like Swine Flu or what? Judging by the posts on here and the fcukers I work with, 1 in 5 people must have it now.

    What a load of arrse.
  10. I've a tendency to agree with you. When I was a college lecturer I found a lot was laziness. I don't deny there isn't people out there with learning disabilities , but it's too much of a label nowadays.

    To be honest with today's technology and the interweb it's not hard to google HMS Raleigh to get the correct spelling.

    My English isn't perfect I never claim it to be however I don't claim I've got Dyslexia when I can't be arsed to spell check.
  11. That post has got to be a f'ucking wind up
  12. Just an observation. Not only is the spelling diabolical, but there is a real lack of punctuation marks that don't look like this one--->.
  14. Of course - the other reason for the die quality of language/spelling/grammar etc may be that he/she had just come back home from a heavy night out consuming vast quantities of amber nectar and a couple or three WKD blues...

    Edit: Wonder where he/she found the questions in the end? :lol:
  15. Multiple choice on the test. 25% chance ain't too bad for an entirely random guess.
  16. Thanks Dr.Zoidberg,thats cleared that up for me,we never had multiple choice in the late 60`s,it was an English and Maths test and i think the pass mark had to be 75%,cheers 8)
  17. You can get into the mob by dribbling heavily on your RT paper. Fact.
  18. Strange how he managed to spell dyslexia correctly :?

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