after phase 2?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by burnsy85, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. after phase 2 training how long is usualy before you will go on deployment?
  2. one of my mates (WS) completed phase 2 then waited 3weeks and before he knew it he was on deployment.

    ive also heard that if the shiup you get allocated to is on a deployment you fly out and meet her. ( correct me if im wrong)
  3. How long is a piece of string? I didn't on deployment for two years after joining first ship
  4. better if its that way lad straight out into the job
  5. You go straight into the job on board ship anyways, just not necesserly get to go on deployment for a while. Some do some don't! You wont' know until you see the ships routine. I spent first part of my first draft in refit!
  6. refit?
  7. Yes the ship was in the sheds in refit in Guzz although it was a pompey 42. I joined it mid refit with the rest of the ships company. It was a full refit. I joined it in 97 after I'd left HMS Cambridge and we didn't go anywhere as such until 98 where we visited Dartmouth, Hamburg (oh the promised land) and Glasgow for JMC. We didn't deploy until 99 to the Far East
  8. out of all the places you went on deployment which was your fav?
  9. I did the Far East in 99 then I did a global on my second ship in 2000. I went small ships after. I loved the Far East both times I went there. I loved the countries, drinks, sights and women there :D Good places, like Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Tokyo etc.

    Hawaii was nice also, but I got my stuff robbed whilst I surfed
  10. how long service did you do?
  11. Just shy of 7 years before I left

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