After(Or Before)They Were Famous!!!

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Patriot_Paul, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering what acts people saw at the Naafi/JR Clubs who were perhaps past they're sell by date or before they made it big?I remember seeing Edwin Starr at the Collingwood Bop back in '85(I was main gate staff at the time).I also saw Mud and the Real Thing at the Dryad Club.Can anybody better these international superstars?I also saw Joe Jackson play the Blue Anchor(just outside Nelson main gate),i think it was around '87,not sure though,but i was definitely on the Ark at the time.Not quite the original question,but he's one of my fave singer/songwriters of all time so thought i'd include it :grin:
  2. Saw Billy J Kramer in Dolphin before he made it big - but I think we were all more interested in the stripper and her (rather) large tailed toy moggie :grin:
  3. Saw Edwin Star and the Dooleys at Yeovilton POs mess Xmas "do's" and "Nick Nick" Davison at the last ever China Fleet Club dinner in HK. All pretty crap as I recall!
  4. Saw Bad Manners at Culdrose 1987 F*cking quality, Buster could teach a few lardies how to pass an RNFT, his energy on stage was unbelievable got to be the fittest fatty around at the time.
    God bless SKA
  5. Saw Katrina & The Waves at Yeovilton bop before they made it. Also saw Showaddywaddy there....that was just sad! Best band I've seen (not famous at all) is the Gutter Band - they all dress up as 70's glam popstars - finale is normally all back on stage in their Bay City Rollers kit to close with 'Bye bye baby'....priceless!
  6. Got dragged up on stage with the Wurzels in the Drake club once. As a token Geordie in the audience I had to neck a bottle of dog in competition with some random Janner with a pint of scrumps. We carried that one on at the bar after and both got chucked out by some committee member.

    I also remember the Radio 1 roadshow in Drake, late 70's early 80's. We asked Johnny Walker what Annie Nightingale was like. His answer 'She's got spots' wasn't over enlightening!
  7. Collingwood about 1992, Bucks Fizz. As there was a complete lack of interest and no tickets were sold, the duty po was sent around the accomodation blocks to pressgang some punters. Cue stacks of people all doing billy bigsteps down the main drag to the boozers in Fareham. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Ferkin Comittee members, they were always the biggest geeks on base,no? For the civvies out there, a comittee member is kind of like a club moderator. Like bouncers but only in the mentality sense, not physicaly.
  9. Jimmy Ruffin also played Colly bop in the 80's. Local Feds were called amist rumours of Pot smoking backstage.

  10. I saw Dave Dee, Dozy,Beaky, Mick and Titch at the Seahawk Club, Culdrose in the mid 60's. As I recall they had driven down from London overnight and got their heads down in the Buffers Pty mess deck. I think they went on to better things :cool:
  11. Saw Pans People in Singers about 1971, matelots were creaming their jeans over them!!
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of them was the Landlord of the Cobb Arms at Lyme Regis a few years ago
  13. Saw The Platters in the EM's club on base in Alongapo in the '60's..........No big deal, they were introduced, sang a few numbers and then tried to beat the rush to the bar!
    The septics always put on top class acts for their boys during the 'Nam war.
  14. Saw the Swinging Blue Jeans at the bop in HMS Neptune Senior rates mess 20 years after they were in the charts.
    Lead singer had a good sense of humour.
    He saw Big Nance in the queue for autographs and said "I want to hear that speak before it comes anywhere near me."
  15. saw Jethro at Culdrose in the late 70s, Chic at Faslane, Mungo Jerry at yeovil. Some bloke called Shep Wooley does he count?
    The best thing at yeovil was the one & only bier keller night, The sunday dinnertime sess & bop were cancelled as they were drying the place out with all the beer spilt on the floor.

  16. Does he count????? :???: :???:

    Yes he bloody does, ex-matelot with awesome dits and anecdotes. :wink:

    Saw The Stranglers in the Falklands in 1997,although they were part of a CSE show, so probably doesn't count :sad: :sad:
  17. Fcuk Yes !!!!Ram it im RDP
  18. I saw the Bay City Rollers ( with a very different line-up to the band that made it big ) up at HMS Fulmar in early 1971. This line-up could even play their instruments a bit.
  19. The drummer, can't remember his name,his granny lived at the end on my street when they were big. Does that count?? :cool: :cool:
  20. :smile: Also saw Lionel Blair (permatanned even then...) on the Edinburgh bound train back in the 70s, had a couple of tasty ladies in tow but, alas, I wasn't in rig so didn't get a look in.

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