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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by builderbambi, May 2, 2010.

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  1. I went to see my ca the other day and there was a lad on the front desk who had passed his basic but had to wait quite a while before starting his trade training. Is this type of thing happening alot now? If so what do the navy get you to do in that time if anything?
  2. You will most likely to be held in Hawk Division if i am correct until your course starts. Thats at Raleigh.
  3. Your put into holdover if your phase 2 training doesn't start straight after basic, if its for a few weeks or days you'll most likely be put into hawk division (unless they've moved over to the new accomodation). If its for longer, then you'll be sent to your afco to work or something else to keep you occupied. This doesn't happen too often, for example, if you've had to go back a class during phase 1 for whatever reason then you might miss on the start date of your phase 2.
  4. Whats hawk division i.e what do they do?
  5. Its a holdover division. They do most of the duties around Raleigh, can be from manning the front desk at the gym, to sorting the parade ground out for a passing out. Its like continuing phase 1 for abit but you've got weekends and evenings to yourself and whatever free time between duties.
  6. Ahh many thanks I didn't think they would send me home to **** and pay me !
  7. You secretly hoped so though didn't you :wink:
  8. It doesn't happen often, and you dont really want it to happen to you, means you have to wait even longer to get trade trained. Knew one guy that finished phase 1 in September and was told he wasn't to start phase 2 till late March. Was sent home to work in his local afco, the last I heard from him was that he was slowly going insane through boredom.
  9. Yeah its really somthing i dont want to happen! But was wondering just incase.

    Reverend, getting paid to ****, come on makes it that much better!
  10. Hey I never said it would be bad.

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