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After a little bit of help please!


Well i'm 17 and just left school and in the application process to becoming a rating!

The next step for me is the medical. What can i expect from the medical? I read on the form that i was agreeing to an "intimate" examination 8O

Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers guys and gals.
It's just to check you are in good health.

You knees, ankles and other joints will be checked, blood pressure and previous medical problems looked over.

Obviously the good old "cough cough" etc.
They may need to check all your various appendages and orifices to ensure you are healthy - simples!
You'd be surprised how many people walking around aren't either healthy or hygienic; adults I mean who should know better.
Think on a bit that you will be joining a service in which you live, in highly shared accommodation, with a lot of other people, nothing is en-suite. You will soon get used to seeing the best and worst of other peoples bits, and they will in return be treated to yours, for what they are worth.
Now is not the time to be coy :lol:


Lantern Swinger
They start off with a prostate probe, using an object not dissimilar to the tool Arnold schwarzenegger used in Total Recall to pull the RFID chip from his nose. Then they see how your hips look in a corset, blast some death metal down your ears to see how you respond, and finally drop you off a 30 foot ledge to see how strong your bones are.
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