African Civil War?

I introduced a discussion at the local this afternoon that got livelier by the minute with a lot of passerbys joining in with their knowledge and was still going strong when I later tumbled out.

My main point was,
IMO In the future,and it may be a while,the next great civil war would be between the North and South of Africa.
The line may be drawn roughly along the Kenyan Border,with Uganda in the Middle somewhat and the Congo on the West.
Communist States[Forget the name 'cos the twats wouldn't let me off the plane from Jo'berg due to a UK Passport holder,but aligned to Cuba!] have no love for Islamists so that is a wild card.
There you have it,except the following clinchers.
Iran and all the Arab States will pour arms and men into the North to turn Africa into an Islamic continent,a major coup for Islam,the West, S.America and most of the Christian world will supply the same to the South to stop it as it can't afford not to.
Then China and Japan with enormous capital invested in Africa will not allow it to happen as China has it's own idea of running Africa and stripping it of everything.
I still think there will be a civil war and I think the South will hold the Islamists off because slaughter would follow if they don't change religion.
See! We don't all sit in a pub drinking pussers talking about female parts and football,well we did until the Toon went it's usual way down table.
Opinions if you want.
Sorry Roofs, but it will spread. With the various African diasporas in the UK it will only be a matter of time before events follow. Just think about the 143 people arrested recently in London. And that was just over whinging about the state of the DR Congo's government.

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